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WAYWT 2020 [denim edition]


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Final buy before I start a no buy competition with myself and really try to enjoy what I already own AND get some fades:

Samurai type 1 (new), Pike Brothers Shirt and Samurai 510:








using iPhone so the colours and exposure are all over (usually looks like at atom bomb has gone off behind me!)

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Duplicate of the same photo
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@lance cheers mate, the denim has a lot of character. Just love Samurai products, saw it on their website but manage to get it for a lot cheaper from an Australian company Corlection, who had a sale on. 

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@MJF9 thanks mate, appreciated. As for the count, I have 4 in type 1 alone. A respectable amount, nothing too crazy but enough to warrant no new purchases for this year at least. :rolleyes:

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17 minutes ago, vIGGiou riou said:

again great fit priest... which kind of SC ?

SC41485HY -- Collabo with Hinoya from a few years back. I busted a belt loop on them a long time ago and finally got them fixed and wearable again. They use the 14oz Okinawa 50/50 denim in a slim fit. Has a neato hair on hide patch. Some info HERE...

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On 1/14/2020 at 3:19 AM, vIGGiou riou said:

ONI 3rd type in vintage California Pique fabric

Entry SG

SDA t-shirt




How do you like the jacket? I was looking at it, but the shoulder measurements are huge.

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it's fantastic jacket. even better as I expected. fabric is very nice. not white, but lets say something between ivory and off white. I bought size 44. in LVC, SC and Lee I am size 42. inverted triangle construction of jacket is perfect and shoulders are really NOT huge. just enough. 10 oz would be perfect in summer....

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