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  1. TCB

    I've read on TCB's Instagram that it's going to be a new fit, probably more tapered than the 60s.
  2. TCB

    I hope it's the 50s denim! Might be the exact same version as the 50s but lower rise and more slim tapered I guess!? I haven't seen others infos yet max..
  3. Hey Chicote ! Yeah med school has definitely been kicking my ass lately. But hopefully I have really nice patients than brighten my days I checked on my slimmest pair and anything below 29 centimeters in the thighs taken BiG is going to be to tight to even move. I checked some pages ago and it seems it's going to be too slim for my biking thighs.. Bummer !
  4. Hello, folks! Following World tours without really participating and seeing that there are no more legs for the Denime gave me envy to be part of it. I'm living in Switzerland in the town called Lausanne by the lake Geneva. I'll be happy to lend my legs ! Let me know what you guys think !
  5. I always gonna be amazed by how IndigoXIndigo/black denim fade ! Such a beautiful pair cmboland, keep it alive forever !
  6. You can email them about doing custom, they charge only a little more, depending on the details. I custom ordered a trench boot a while back and it took exactly 6 weeks to come to my home (I am in europe).
  7. Pictures of my first pair of raw denim. It's been over 2 years since I started the raw adventure, and I'm glad I made that discover. It totally changed the way I look about clothes. I now care way much more where the clothing were made, where the fabric come from. Were the people who made my goods well paid and have appropriate life conditions? I can, in a way, say that raw denim changed me and my opinion on many things. I even met awesome people because of it ! APC Petit standard. 365 days, 1 hand-wash. I had a crotch-blow out because of the non-wash and bicycling. The backpocket was destroyed by a fall I made skateboarding. I used the leftover of my hem to repair it, by myself. It was the second time I touched a sewing machine (the first one was hemming this pair). I had ton of fun, even if the result is "ugly". The fading isn't really beautiful or impressive. But this pair has a real meaning to me, unfortunately my thighs outgrow the tight fit of the cut.
  8. My SexI23 in size 30, worn 60-80 times, Hot soaked twice before wearing, and hand washed with woolite recently. t They haven't really "lived" since I'm a medecine student sitting all day long at the library.... :'(
  9. I'm selling those beautiful Trench boots from Oakstreet bootmakers in chicago I'm shipping anywhere or hand pickup in Switzerland My price : 300 USD without shipping cost Size: US 6.5 / 38-39EU / 6 UK (The 6.5 US is not directly avaible by the website, waiting time is 6 weeks) Natural Rough-out leather from horween Dainite sole Leather laces and cottons. They have been worn 10 times in dry and clean environnements, almost new, personal pictures on demand Sent with original box and tags They have been stocked with shoe tree Here's a link to their website : Natural Roughout Horween® Chromexcel® leather. True Goodyear Welt Construction. Dainite® soles. Stacked leather heel with Dainite® toplift. Comes with Brown Cotton and Rawhide Laces. Fully recraftable. Handcrafted in the USA. Natural Roughout Chromexcel®, or Marine Field Shoe as it is tagged in the Horween® factory, was developed for Marine Field boots for Wold War II. The leather is Horween's Natural Chromexcel, but is designed to be used rough side out, so special attention is given to create a particularly durable and level knap. Left unlined, the interior of the boots is the same, Natural CXL that we use on our Natural Trench Boots, providing a smooth contact with the foot. This particularly smooth interior was designed so that sand could easily be removed when soldiers would up-end their boots in the desert fields of North Africa - greatly reducing blisters and increasing comfort. Crafted with the Dainite outsoles and heels. Provide comfort and grip for all weather conditions while not attracting or storing dirt. Soles are easily wiped clean. Maintain timeless styling and are as practical today as they were when introduced in 1894. Built on our Elston Last – a unique last providing exceptional fit and shape. Developed to embody the character of Chicago, the Elston last is engineered specifically for the trench boot providing the comfort yet durability demanded of the every-man. SIZING Our Goodyear Welted footwear runs very true-to-size. If you measure as a 9.5 on a Brannock device for example, we suggest you purchase a 9.5. We recommend a snug fit as the shoe will stretch to conform to your foot
  10. Thanks for your reply! The problem is that both fits me you have any idea how the "fit" will evolve when the jacket is broken-in ?
  11. Hi gents, I'm hesitating between 2 sizes for my first Barbour jacket. It's a classic bedale in olive skyoil. I definitely wants the classic Barbour for the tartan lining in the sleeves and not the polyester one. I'm afraid after all the sweating comments I read. I am normally between 44FR and 46FR in vest, and these bedale are 32 and 34, so 1-2 size down. I'm a small guy 1 meter 70 and 59 kilogram and I'm wearing a light wool sweater underneath. The small one is more flattering and shorter wich is better in my opinion, but the shoulders near the armpits are a bit tight, making the top shoulders bulking like they trapped some air. This is visible by profile. the sleeves will be a little bit short. I am not confortable layering a wool sweater and a jeans jacket underneath The bigger one is longer, more boxy but more confortable. I can layer whatever I want underneath, but the jacket is less flattering, and I have the feeling it make me look like I'm wearing a jacket too big. I'm new to waxed cotton and don't know how the fits gonna change over time, I'm gonna wear the jacket under all weather, especially spring/fall, I'm living in Switzerland. Could you help me decide ? The smaller one is first in the album