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  1. For sale : Visvim Kilgore SS2012 Olive Tag size 2 8.5/10 dry cleaned once (before putting to sale), will post up measurements and pictures later. Edit : Pm me if interested here so we can avoid grailed fees
  2. WTB/WTT visvim kilgore olive size 1 (or trade versus my size 2 which is in excellent shape WTB virgil boots size 8US
  3. @GregoryH I'm 170 centimeters for 60kg. My Stevenson overall (size 28) have 72 centimeters inseam and my Flat heads (size 30) have 73 centimeters. Inseam taken BlueInGreen style.
  4. @Saisen Do it in the Supermarket section (or grailed works wonder)
  5. TCB

    Can't wait to get some close up of the denim post wash and also a fit pic :). Nice little pin's you got there !
  6. Sorry for the exposure, the colors are a bit off and I'm also bad at editing photo VSVM TFH PARABOOTS EDIT : @GregoryH @MasonAlexander go for a full cut ! My flat head is the 3005 is a straight fit with almost no taper and I think it looks great, even if I'm 170 centimeters high for 60 kilograms. In my opinion the length play a big role. If my jeans had stacks on the shoes it would certainly look really big, but since it's on the short size with no break the leg opening looks smaller which works better.
  7. Great updateS Ian, keep em' coming
  8. WTB Visvim Kilgore olive size 1 (could eventually exchange it vs size 2)
  9. Alright I'll keep it and wear it proudly ! Thanks you all for your answers !
  10. Debating on removing the inside of the arcs of my FH or leave it as is. What do you guys think ? I wish it was the Japanese arcs tho!
  11. TFH 3005-A, starting to break in ! Here's the view from where I took the photo.
  12. TCB

    @Cold Summer I might be interested, shoot me a PM with your measurements and how you washed it. Shipping would be to Europe tho. Edit: nevermind, I checked the measurements on their websites and sleeves are going to be way too long for me, I would need 59-62 centimeters... Bummer !
  13. X-Post from WAYWT.
  14. Stevenson Overall co. 3x Shoe like pottery
  15. @Libra Never had any experiences with momo stretch, but I guess yes ! If you really have trouble and would like to speed up the process, you could dip the waist in the water and wear it on until it dry or even stretch it with your hands while it's wet. I did it on a Imperial a few years ago and it worked wonder ! But don't be too brutal or the stitching will break.