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  1. ^^How did you size the sneakers?
  2. Dehen 1920 x SelfEdge Whitesville PBJ XX-012 Converse Jack Purcell Pictures don't do the jeans justice, the top part looks a lot lighter than in the photo.
  3. @Flash How much wear do they have? Also, the waist looks pretty big for you (and for Evisu) - all the shrinkage out?
  4. Can anyone tell me how much Hinoya charges for shipping to the EU?
  5. UES sweater. Amazing, really soft, really comfortable - you should buy one Geeman.
  6. They finally turned up. Got hit with a ridiculous customs fee, but oh well, it was worth it. Both sweatshirt and chino are absolutely amazing!
  7. UES UES Converse Jack Purcell
  8. Don't know where you are located, but Orslow cord pants are on sale at Frans Boone Store:
  9. My chino and sweatshirt are apparently stuck at customs (although I don't even know where exactly). Hope they turn up at my place soon...
  10. Wait a minute, there a Converse that are made in Japan? Shoes like Pottery might also be an option.
  11. Well, we will (hopefully) have an answer soon. Just ordered one of their sweaters (as well as a pair of their chinos) - hope it will fit me!
  12. Damn, now to decide between the new FC and these. Also I actually don't really need any new denim at the moment. Ah, decisions, decisions. Great pair dude!
  13. Bumping this great thread with a question: Anyone here got sweatshirts from UES?
  14. Where could I get them MP?
  15. No, actually got it in the Selfedge warehouse sale a couple of months ago. Cucoo got the same one! Thank you very much, I love them to death. First day in them was brutal, but now they are so comfortable!