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  1. Finally it's getting windy again. Autumn is almost here... ... Kapital PBJ XX-012 Tricker's
  2. Managed to catch my XX-012 in good lighting today. Lost count of wear and washes...
  3. Excuse the stupid facial expression... Blue Blue Japan Nanamica Denime 66XX Converse Jack Purcell Master-Piece bag
  4. TCB

    ^^I was also about to buy them, added them to the cart, went to checkout, only to realize that their usual free delivery doesn't apply to sales items and I would have to pay more now than I would have if I bought them before the sale so... No thanks.
  5. I gotta skip this, unfortunately. Best of luck to all, looking forward to read along!
  6. Summer sale in general, across most shops. Not many interesting items on sale, no high discounts... Sort of disappointing.
  7. Am I the only one massively disappointed by the summer sale this year? Normally I'm used to finding at least a handful of interesting pieces that I consider buying, but this year.. pretty much nothing.
  8. Rescuing this beautiful thread from page 2! @chicote: Whatever happened to your pair? Did you manage to sell them?
  9. ^Standard Denimio fit procedure...
  10. Looks like there might be a Denimio x SDA contest brewing. Couldn't find anything else besides the pair:
  11. ^I'm wearing the Selvedge yarn-dyed unevenness chino, so no jeans unfortunately.
  12. Merz B. Schwanen Tanner Goods UES Converse Jack Purcell
  13. Volvo, I need W30. Thanks. Also add "no suspender buttons", but still keep me as a maybe
  14. Put me down as a maybe Volvo. Germany, W30, inseam 31 inch (post wash). Seconding the patch as a t-shirt idea.
  15. ^^How did you size the sneakers?