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  1. Summer sale in general, across most shops. Not many interesting items on sale, no high discounts... Sort of disappointing.
  2. Am I the only one massively disappointed by the summer sale this year? Normally I'm used to finding at least a handful of interesting pieces that I consider buying, but this year.. pretty much nothing.
  3. Rescuing this beautiful thread from page 2! @chicote: Whatever happened to your pair? Did you manage to sell them?
  4. ^Standard Denimio fit procedure...
  5. Looks like there might be a Denimio x SDA contest brewing. Couldn't find anything else besides the pair:
  6. ^I'm wearing the Selvedge yarn-dyed unevenness chino, so no jeans unfortunately.
  7. Merz B. Schwanen Tanner Goods UES Converse Jack Purcell
  8. Volvo, I need W30. Thanks. Also add "no suspender buttons", but still keep me as a maybe
  9. Put me down as a maybe Volvo. Germany, W30, inseam 31 inch (post wash). Seconding the patch as a t-shirt idea.
  10. ^^How did you size the sneakers?
  11. Dehen 1920 x SelfEdge Whitesville PBJ XX-012 Converse Jack Purcell Pictures don't do the jeans justice, the top part looks a lot lighter than in the photo.
  12. @Flash How much wear do they have? Also, the waist looks pretty big for you (and for Evisu) - all the shrinkage out?
  13. Can anyone tell me how much Hinoya charges for shipping to the EU?
  14. UES sweater. Amazing, really soft, really comfortable - you should buy one Geeman.
  15. They finally turned up. Got hit with a ridiculous customs fee, but oh well, it was worth it. Both sweatshirt and chino are absolutely amazing!