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  1. Unnmd

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    No place for that kind of logic on the interwebz good sir.
  2. Unnmd

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    I have never looked, but I'm guessing it is a dumpster fire. Let me guess.....lots of cowboy hats, music lyrics, pictures of people he wishes he could be, and 90% of him "deep in thought"?
  3. Unnmd

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    He's the Madoff of denim.......expect he isn't filthy rich......or is he???
  4. Unnmd

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Maybe how you approach it? Or just caught him on a good day. If the subject line of your email is “Where are my jeans motherfucker!!??!!” he may not open it right away.
  5. Unnmd

    Ande Whall Denim

    I was so hopeful for a few minutes until I got to this post.
  6. Unnmd

    Iron Heart Jeans

    I love this Denim Detectivry!
  7. Unnmd

    Mister Freedom

    Everytime I go to the site and see the Roughrider I almost convince myself to buy it. Jacket looks awesome @JDelage!
  8. Unnmd

    Mister Freedom

    Thank you!
  9. Unnmd

    Mister Freedom

    Got here in time for my trip, very happy! The fit is surprisingly what I hoped for, and will receive a lot of wear.
  10. Unnmd

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Wore it out last night, huge fan of it. Everyone kept asking if I was cold
  11. Unnmd

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Master has given a sock, Dobby is free!
  12. Unnmd

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Sometimes I get lucky with sizes on sale. About to head to Michigan to visit my parents, this will do for the 40 degree highs.
  13. Unnmd

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    Because they can find him in person haha
  14. Unnmd

    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    I actually did back in 2014 when I was still working in the denim business. Sent him material that he said he would use for the Denim Bruin meet up that year. Only thing I was curious to see was the final product and maybe a little bit of his process. As soon as he received the denim all communication stopped. Sent a few emails over the course of 6 months and never heard back. Was comtemplating at the time if I wanted to order a pair from him, but got a feeling for how he handled his company and never did. Judging from this thread I made the right decision haha.
  15. Unnmd

    Mister Freedom

    I don’t need help sweating, so the Hudson is out for me.