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WAYWT 2020 [denim edition]


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32 minutes ago, MileHighEvertonian said:

The triple pleat looks really against those earth tones. Which pair of MFSC are those @dudewuttheheck? And you took this pic with your camera still in your hand! :ph34r:

Haha yes I've done that more than once! I don't really mind it being in the photos. 

These are the Continental trousers in cacao chambray. I absolutely love them. They are too big now, but fortunately they still look good on me I think.

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On 10/7/2020 at 7:18 AM, vgadjo said:

UES extra heavy

Sda DM003



I like the texture of these sda. Very different from their usual denim.




@vgadjo, I keep coming back to this pic. Really love the color of that shirt!!  Any chance you are really sick of it and want to get rid of it?  Ha ha. I've googled for that shirt in that color and have come up empty.

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