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  1. Studio D'artisan

    Type: D1657 (now 307) 18.5oz raw Worn for: 2.5+ years, probably 7-8 months of effective wear Washes: one around 7-8 months Previous post here. First wash on these. They start to look a bit like my 103s. Cheers!
  2. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Kind of my go-to combo these days. I really like how versatile the FH3002 is. The neck proctection feature on the PBJ hoodie comes handy with this nasty cold wind in Montreal. Not the best lighting though. Nudie/PBJ/FH/RW
  3. Hi, I have spent quite some time on building calisthenics skills for the past 6 months (another kind of evo I guess). It turns out it gives good results and as you may guess, some jeans, T-shirts, shirts and jackets are now almost unwearable (SG-5109 jeans and pbj-6066 jacket for example). So I was wondering what your approach was for some of you into calisthenics or body building. For the legs, there are some options: straight cuts or slim with large top block. But for the top, the waist does not get bigger. It may even shrink when getting rid of love handles. So you end up with wide shoulders, a large back that tapers into a thin waist (which is nice from an aesthetic POV but not so much when looking for shirts and jackets) . For top pieces, do you size up even if the waist is going to be too wide? Do you buy raw and shrink 'carefully' to keep room in the shoulders area? Or are there labels I should consider for that matter. I was mostly thinking about a denim jacket to replace the pbj one. IH seemed nice. Thoughts? Experiences? Thanks!
  4. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Can't agree more @MasonAlexander. It's getting back to this 5-20C ideal range for shirt and jacket! So the flannels and heavy denim can come back in rotation. Getting familliar with my first pair of IH jeans. The perfect cut to replace my SDA-103. UES cap UES flannel IH belt IH 634s-19L RW Cheers,
  5. Pure Blue Japan

    Heavy blues. Some whiskers light evo on the 24-010.
  6. Updates on the Pbj XX-005, Sam 710BH, Momo er007-2b and SG5109. See respective threads for details. Next update should contain a post 1st wash for some Sda-307 and Pbj 24-010. And I just joined the Flat Head club with a pair of 3002! Cheers
  7. Samurai Jeans

    Type: 710-BH Worn for: 3+ years, probably 14-15 months of actual wear Washes: 7-8, screwed up a bit at beginning with 1 soak + 1 wash and dryer which made unwanted creases leading to another wash. This may explain the rather slow fading (compared to what I can read on other models). Finally had to perform a couple croch repairs. I really like how everything stays reliable on these jeans (denim, pockets, threads). Cheers
  8. The Strike Gold

    Type: SG5109 Worn for: Since september 2014, probably 10-11 months of actual wear Washes: 1 initial soak, 1st wash around 5 months, 3 washes Showing more contrast after last wash. I had to perform a knee repair as the threads on the selvedge side broke. Cheers
  9. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Type: ER-007-2B Worn for: 4+ years, probably 17-18 months of effective wear Washes: 9-10, first one around 5 months Couple more repairs in the croch area. More indigo threads poping out in the distressed areas. Cheers
  10. Pure Blue Japan

    Type: XX-005 Worn for: 6+ years, probably 20-21 months of actual wear Washes: 12-13, first one around 6 months More repairs...clearly on the distressed side now. Still love the texture. Cheers,
  11. Japan Blue Momotaro

    Noticed you like the sda 107 cut too. The sda 107 and 103 are my favourite cuts in slim and straight jeans. The momo 705 cut is my favourite in between (as a slim/straight). But it's tighter in the crotch area than sda jeans. Tried it already?
  12. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Simple Sunday RT/UES/SDA/RW
  13. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Pardon the mediocre cam/lighting shot. Sda M65 UES flannel Samuraii S710BH RW8113
  14. Denim Repair

    Hey, the 24oz denim from PBJ is quite stubborn. And it seems the hardware was not really modified to account for the sturdiness difference. The belt button popped out after a few month. I fixed it with another nail. Then it broke again. So I bought a "regular" button. It last one day. At that moment I thought "screw this". So I did. Using my wife's jewelry equipment: bought some screws and bolts. made a hole in the button. That was the longest part as I had no real piercing tool. polished the button, screw and bolt to get the proper length and make the surface smoother. added some denim to cover the bolt and quickly sew it.. This should finally last! Cheers. PS: Be careful if you plan to size down on these.
  15. Hardware related question. I've got a pair of PBJ 24 z. It seems the hardware is the same as for regular 14 oz jeans. And it looks a bit weak for that denim thickness. The belt button has popped out. I've tried to replace it with a regular button found at a store nearby. It did not last a full day. So I was wondering if there was a (online) store anyone could advise for stronger hardware.