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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 7/9/2021 at 9:27 AM, beepy said:

WTS DS-J12TS sz M 
8/10? Minor pilling and to be extra nit-picky, the plastic on the male side of the zipper is a bit worn.

$750 700 650 for sufu bros. Add $50 if you want DHL instead of post office priority mail.

Would trade for a cotton j1a sz L


Price drop

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On 7/20/2021 at 12:50 PM, Willy19 said:

WTT only

My p27h-ds size S full packed cond 9/10


p10A-E alpha green size S or

p34-ds alpha green size S or

j73-ws size S or M

Also WTB for a friend

j41-gt or gtv size S

J69-hy yellow/gray size S

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Big long shot but WTT: (TRADED)

My P36-E size S for J47A-WS in S or M or maybe a J28-WS size S 

Also willing to pay for it otherwise. 

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TRADED no longer available.
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3A-WB2 belt, two tone (black/olive), full pack, never worn, purchased from member here 

$150 plus shipping/fees, or local pickup in San Diego. DM for pics please. 



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- S8-DS (SS18) Size S, 9/10, US$700 (Retail)

- J83-WS Size M, 9/10, US$1,800 (Retail)

- J78-PX Size M, 9/10, US$1,400 (Below Retail)

- J47TS-GT White Size M, 8/10 minor scuffs all over, outer nape jacketsling loop needs to be restitched, US$1,900 (Retail)

- P38-GT Size S, 9.5/10, US$1,800 (Retail)



- Any of the above

- J29-WS Size S, Brand New

- P38-E Size S, 9/10

- P23A-DS Size S, 9/10

for your J28-WS Size S (+/- cash)


All full pack and prices exclude Paypal fees (4.5%) and worldwide DHL shipping (US$70)

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WTS / WTT + - cash if necessary 
J68-WS - M - 9/10 - trade only
J44-SD - M - black - 8.5/10 - 1150 euro
J62-PB - M - 8.5/10 - 1000 euro 
P25-DS - M - 9/10 - 950 euro 
P27-DS - M - 8/10 - 900 euro 
P31A-DS - M - alpha - 9/10 - 700 euro 
SP28-DS - M - black - 9/10 -  650 euro
3a-MP2TS - white / coated zip - 10/10 new - 80 euro - from 3pack so no bag/sheet 

looking for
J56-S - M/L - raf 
J36-S - M/L - any color 
White GT - M/L depending on model

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On 6/23/2021 at 10:31 AM, Arctor_Darkly said:


3a-1 L2

j56-s L any color

j55-mp m/L

WTT/WTS s-j6ts L black 650$

Still looking for (large)


j56-s any color 


p26-s any color 

WTT for above (+\- cash where necessary)

p25-ds Large 

P30a-ds Large

s-j6ts black Large

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Added trades and p38-e
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On 7/26/2021 at 7:28 AM, denimjeans said:

WTT gen 1 xs p30a fullpack for sz S p33-ds, nfs otherwise

edit: or sz S black p34-ds kthxbye


selling this now since I found P33, $1200 gifted for gen 1 p30a fullpack sz XS. can provide refs if needed, thanks


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P27H-DS small, 8.5/10, full pack $800 

S24-DS-A black, small, brand new, full pack $300

LF1 all white, US 9, 8.5-9/10 (just a little wear on soles) $280

J68-WS XS, 8.5/10, full pack $1000

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