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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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Want to Sell

J1B-GT-Multi / Large / Multi RAF Green. 2 Hoods: RAF Green & Hi Vis Orange. Only Tried on. £1427.21 (Acronym HQ price)plus fees/ship.

J46-S / Medium. Normal wear marks 7.5/10. £750 plus fees/ship.
Willing to trade
All of the above + P10-DS FW1516 Black Small 7.5/10 for J38-LP size Large (long shot that someone in the UK has purchased and would like to return)
Also looking to swapz for a J33-E Alpha Green Medium
Thank you Please.
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J38-LP size large, J33-E.
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J61-GTV, small, full pack, 9/10, $1300 (negotiable) SOLD
J68-WS, X-small, full pack, 9.5/10, $1000 SOLD

J44-SD, small, full pack, 7.5/10 (patina), $1100 (Negotiable)



S16-WS, small, full pack, 8.5/10, $400 (negotiable or include with trade)



J27-GT v 1.2 w/aux zip SHAKEDRY hood, small (used is fine, looking to avoid buying from mothersite)
J29-PX, small


J72-AK, small, (missing bag, have sheet) + S16-WS (want to trade for J29-PX, small)

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J68-PL Black Medium Full Pack - $900CAD  SOLD

Close to brand new. Worn sparingly throughout the winter. DM on IG @charlesstovell for faster reply and pictures. Shipping to Canada/US preferred, I can do international but shipping will be expensive and I'm not trying to lose money on that hehe. No trades! Sorry.

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WTS for Mrem:

a)lower than retail

p35-ds sz M (9.5/10), no packing. hkd 7500 (Loreipsium holds this)

b) much lower than retail, like 40% off:

J61-gt sz S full packed 9/10 above hkd 9500

The above are DHL shipped within: USA, WESTERN EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, NZ, ASIA (rest of the world to be quoted).

c) J36-gt black 9/10 outside, 8/10 inside of hood. sz M. no packing hkd 8000 net.

d) P30A-DS 9.5/10 BLK V1.1 SZ XS hkd 11000 net (purchased here at the same price, not worn after purchase as sz S fits him better)


c) p38-ds sz S/M RAF (with black sz S to exchange if it's sz S also)

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On 7/22/2021 at 3:53 AM, jean_pierre said:


WTB - 8/10 or better

P10-S or P10-DS Black M, Full Pack

S6-C Black or Gray M, Full Pack



WTS - All prices USD without fees or shipping

ACR-SS-16 J25-WS Black L, 8/10, Full Pack, $450

ACR-FW-1920 J61-GTV Black L, 9.9/10 tried-on, Full Pack, $1625

ACR-SS-19 P10A-E Black M, 9.9/10 tried-on, Full Pack, $1050 (PENDING)

ACR-FW-1920 H5-AJ Black OS 10/10 unopened, Full Pack, $210

ACR-FW-1920 NG5-AK Black OS 9/10, Full Pack, $175

ACR-FW-19 NG4-AK Black OS 9.9/10 never worn, Full Pack, $240 (PENDING)

Contact me regarding J61-GTV please

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On 9/17/2021 at 1:16 PM, kobebean said:


9/10 SP28-DS, small, full pack SOLD

BNWT S24-DS-A, small, full back SOLD

Dropped prices of above

Also WTT:

9/10 J46-S RAF, small, no sheet $1700

WTB (all small):




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Thanks @chaosen for the smooth transaction. 

Still WTB:

J72-AK - Black size S

LA6B-AD - Black size S

and now looking for P24A DS or S in size S

P10AS size M

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On 9/4/2021 at 7:53 AM, GUNDAM said:



P24A-S Black - Size L - 9/10 - No issues £600

+ Ship

Realised I got the retail skewed so if anyone that already HMU is interested again let me know.


Black *SOLD*

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