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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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 P31A-DS Alphagreen  L, worn out of the house twice and has had a cold rinse to get rid of some creases.

Looking for $900 o.b.o. shipping dependent on where you are - I'm located in the UK.


PM for pics, questions etc...


Possibly have J1A-GTPL size L black available too...

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On 8/6/2021 at 7:04 PM, aru said:

WTS / WTT + - cash if necessary 
J68-WS - M - 9/10 - trade only gone
J44-SD - M - black - 8.5/10 - 1050 900 euro
J62-PB - M - 8.5/10 - 1000 euro sold
P25-DS - M - 9/10 - 950 900 euro 
P27-DS - M - 8/10 - 900 850 euro 
P31A-DS - M - alpha - 9/10 - 650 550 euro 
SP28-DS - M - black - 9/10 -  600 euro sold
3a-MP2TS - white / coated zip - 10/10 new - 70 euro - from 3pack so no bag/sheet sold

looking for
J56-S - M/L - raf 
J36-S - M/L - any color 
White GT - M/L depending on model

update & further drops

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J72-DS Black size S like new: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-J72-DS-HD-Jersey-Modular-Liner-Jacket-Black-178846904/?offerId=1399254

P30A-DS Black gen 1.1 size S brand new: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-P30A-DS-schoeller®-Dryskin™-Ultrawide-Drawcord-Cargo-Trouser-Black-279413333/?offerId=1399482

above listed for a higher price so you can message/offer me on REVERSIBLE and try it out, payment via PayPal and no fee selling :)

J1B-GT Dust size S brand new: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-J1B-GT-DUST-RAF-GREEN-111605148
J1A-GTPL Navy size S brand new: https://www.reversible.com/shopping/men/item/ACRONYM-J1A-GTPL-Navy-170732616



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50 minutes ago, brainerd666 said:

That reversible site is cancer on mobile holy shit

Looks like a stockx clone. <_<

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On 9/21/2021 at 2:57 PM, thatslapz said:


J90-DS Alpha Green Medium.  Full pack, like new.  $700 $625 shipped in US OBO.  

Still available, price dropped.  https://www.jawnflip.com/i/40705-acronym-j90-ds-alpha-green

Also available:

J40-CH Medium, jacket and sling only.  Prior owner did not include bag or spec sheet.  Very light wear, basically like new.  $1300 shipped in US.


*on hold* P34-DS Black Small, full pack. $1300 shipped in US.


P30A-DS 1.0 Black small full pack. $1100 shipped in US.



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22 hours ago, Grave said:

Looks like a stockx clone. <_<

the bid/ask buttons are inspired from stockx, but otherwise it's very different...


22 hours ago, brainerd666 said:

That’s very 2010 of them

hehe I'll take that as a compliment as we are discussing on a forum from 2000s :D


any way, we put together most ACRONYM pieces available from the web now:


it will be more effective to create offers under each item, either WTS or WTB, imo


hope you all enjoy it and happy weekend!



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