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  1. Grave


    No. I bought the TecSys variant (which came in today). The fit is slightly better in the sleeves for me than the J47 currently on the mothersite.
  2. Grave


    Welp, managed to find a J47TS-GT in S and jumped at it. You only live once. Thanks for the info lads
  3. Grave


    Ah I see. My ACG 2-in-1 shell is just at the knuckle of my thumb with the liner in and hangs at the knuckles of my forefingers when worn without it. Should I expect the same with any ACR jacket as well? Should buying the J27GT in small be fine?
  4. Grave


    Wish I still had pics on my phone, I've since sold the piece. You're right though in that it was my first Acronym shell so there's unfamiliarity there. Nikelab ACG 2-in-1 was my everyday jacket prior to that, which I had in size S, so I went straight to size S when I bought the J47. I'm willing to try the J47-GT again with the notion that it's just supposed to be a bit long in the sleeve without a liner/layering beneath. Is that just how the jackets fit generally?
  5. Grave


    So I've heard, that's what's confusing since all the measurements imply the J27 would be smaller than the J47. What area was constricting for you in the J47 that made you size up?
  6. Grave


    There is a liner beneath the J27 in that pic, vs the pic used for the J47 where no liner is used... That said I know they use totally different fit blocks so I'd love some feedback on how they compare
  7. Grave


    Finally popping my cherry on these boards lol. Can anyone with a J27-GT in size S fill me in on the fit/sizing? I had a J47-GT in S and I kinda swam in it without a liner, with unflattering bunching in the sleeves that put me off enough to sell it (I'm 5'8/172cm and around 150lb/68kg). According to the mothersite the shoulder and sleeve measurements on the J27 are shorter by a few cm, but it's a totally different fitblock so I'm not sure if it alleviates my issue with the J47.
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