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  1. to put it in perspective, the DAF1s were designed more than 4 years ago
  2. unfortunately acrnm won't be adding any new retailer accounts anytime soon subnet is/was only given out to friends/family or longtime followers of the brand through recommendation
  3. WTB: P24A-S Raf Green size small P10-CH Black size small P10A-CH Black size small P17-DS/CH Black size small
  4. WTB: P-24A RAF Small
  5. FS: P10-CH Black Size Medium $650 Worn, but still in great condition
  6. sold
  7. Selling: P10A-CH Night Size M 900 worn 3 times or trade for either colorway in S Bamboo Prestos Size XS 275 DS
  8. Just gotta be patient it seems, I finally received a response this morning from my mishap I e-mailed them about 4 days ago.
  9. trying to pm you !
  10. anyone else had issues with getting their orders mixed up with someone else's purchase? just received someone else's pants with their invoice and ofc emailed them about it..... variety of problems this season
  11. WTT: P10A-CH M Night for S in Night or Black
  12. sold
  13. sold
  14. sold
  15. gg noragi acr p20-s acr nike