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  1. kenwiryadi


    @CeroEspada saint alfred still has it iirc
  2. kenwiryadi

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS j68-pl multi sz XS €1050 tried on Selling for a friend j68-pl multi sz S €1050 tried on
  3. kenwiryadi

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT J68 PL-Multi sz XS with Your : P30a-DS sz S
  4. kenwiryadi


    @Kamikaze will this still work?
  5. kenwiryadi

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    @uboraan nah, thats owetoe5400, not owetoe540, totally different person
  6. kenwiryadi

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTT My BBS bamba 5 grey dye sz us 8.5 for yours sz us 9 got the box, but dont know if it comes w the drawstring bag cause i didnt get it
  7. kenwiryadi


    its comfy and not scratchy (ime). but you gotta be really careful not to get it stuck on something or else part of the knit can really come off.
  8. kenwiryadi


    @owetoe540 i handwashed mine without wringing, twisting, folding etc and it had no wrinkles after i hang dry it. Have u tried steaming the wrinkles?
  9. kenwiryadi


    Thats kinda false imo. Its a tool to get creative, when you are stuck and cant think of designing something, then sometimes you gotta create your own problems to solve. Or when you have a certain idea that you want to realize, a number of problems will surely arise when you are trying to solve your own design idea. If this mindset aint here, then we would have monotonous output everywhere, especially in the fashion industry IMO. Why should there be designers in the first place? We wouldn’t have come to modern design if designers didnt think that the absence ornaments and decorative attributes of architecture could be aesthetically pleasing. (Which there is some more thinking than just the aesthetics) Not that the old designs are bad, but there certainly are advancements in design with “this kind” of thinking. Regarding getting respect, sure some gets their respect in forms of prestigious awards etc. For what? For their groundbreaking ideas of what architecture and designs could be. Even chefs who create groundbreaking dishes gets their james beard or michelin award and all that shit.
  10. kenwiryadi


    CMIIW, In my opinion its more like buying an experience of using acronym rather than your average uniqlo or whatever brand that can really accommodate the necessary functions that a normal rain jacket or pants can. You dont really need the extra acr funtions like the forcelock, grav pocks, etc as mentioned above. It is not necessary, it really is not but some people found the features to be very useful so each piece resonates differently with every people. Some use grav pockets to store their ski pass or train passes, some use their escape zip since it would be easier to unzip if one of your hands are dirty or occupied with something else. Sometimes its just a matter of enjoying the designs that the designer meant for the item. However, the design has to work on its own, regardless of how useless/useful it is to the user. I myself have a background in architecture and i will always remember what my professor told me : “if there are no problems to solve in design, create your own problems to solve.” So i think sometimes acronym does the latter. Besides, acr wouldnt be as much fun and cool if these features do not exist right?
  11. kenwiryadi


    He could have not zipped it at all, put the zipper puller to the top and used the metal buttons to keep em together tho
  12. kenwiryadi


    @knucks depends on what pant ur referring to, ultra wide pants are somehow free size and you should have more concern on the length. i am 170cm, 70kg, pant waist size is usually 30 or 32. and wear xs for the p30a-ds and s for p23a-s. not sure about p10's since everyone has mixed opinions on sizing, best way to know is to try if you can. as far as quality goes, yeah some are faulty and some are ok. 10 days after daily wear of the la6b-ad (FW1920), 1 of my button cracked and one of the mesh became loose. 9 months after daily wear of the p30-ch (SS18, but bought secondhand), a tiny hole on the drop crotch developed, though i chose CH over any other because i read someone said that CH is indestructable, but nah, a tiny hole developed on the drop crotch. ive also seen many jackets made in FO material also broken (J63a-fo, FW1819), whereas the PB material jackets (J62-pb, J63-pb SS17) which were previously released aged finer CMIIW tho. hope this helps
  13. kenwiryadi

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J28-K white crimson sz M $old
  14. kenwiryadi

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB LA6B-DS sz M
  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
    $US 55