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  1. If anyone has that acronym stash logo tee in blk M, I'll gladly take it
  2. WTT: J1TS-S (Size Small) Black - Brand New Full Pack P15-S (Size Small) Black with olive strings - 9/10 condition Full Pack GT-J29 (Size Small) Petrol - 9.5 /10 condition No Bag / Sheet Will + - cash as needed for the following that I'm Interested in / WTB: 3a-1 (Silver Foil) 3a-2 (L2) The Following in size small P10-S (Black) P17-DS / S (black) P24-DS (black) SS-CP2 J44-GT
  3. WTB: NG3-PS Paying up to $550 depending on condition
  4. wtb: 3A-MSOL1
  5. WTB: J53TS-GT size small, Paying $1700 - $2000 depending on condition.
  6. Goat in 43a
  7. Anybody know if theres any major differences from j25-ws from fw14 vs 16
  8. WTT: J1TS-S (Size Small) Black for 3a-1 (Silver Foil in 9+/10 Condition)
  9. WTT: P25 size S for J58-WS size M
  10. if any one needs p25 size small hit me with a j58-ws size M and we got a deal
  11. WTS / WTT: J1TS-S Black (small) Brand new full pack P10A-CH Night (small) w/ carabiner 9.5/10 no bag spec sheet J57TS-SS (medium) 9.5/10 full pack J43-K Dust (small) 9.5/10 no bag spec sheet WTB: S18-BR (small) 3a-3ts L2 3a-5ts L2 NG3-PS J58-WS (medium) J50-WS (medium) P23TS-S (small) Both Raf & Black P10-S (small) Black
  12. WTS: J1TS-S (Black) Size Small (Brand New Full Pack) J1TS-S (Duo) Size Small (Brand New Full Pack) Message me offers WTB / WTT for: p23ts-s (raf / black) (Small) J58-ws (Medium) p17-ds / p17-s (Small) j47a-gt (Small) 3a-3TS L2 3a-5TS laminate
  13. WTT: p10a-S (black) for p10ts-ds size small
  14. WTT: J1TS-S (Black) size small + cash for J43A-GT (size Small)
  15. WTB: S18-BR size small plzzz