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  1. erictheninja

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Wts: j43-k black size M 9.5 condition $1300 J61-ws size S 9.5 condition $1200 j63-pb size S 9.9 condition $1200 all three OG prestos size xs 9 condition $1200 j58-ws first gen size M 9.9 condition $850 all blame shirts, front print size M other two L, 9.5 condition $350 3a-5ts L2 9.5 condition - $1800 3a-1 SVR 9.5 condition - offer or trade for j28-k size small
  2. erictheninja

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Wtt 3a-1 svr for j28k small, blue, red, or olive
  3. erictheninja

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J47-GT small 9.5/10 - $1250 net J43K black medium 9/10 - $1150 net j58-ws first gen medium 9.8/10 - $850 net j63-on small 9.8/10 - $1200 net All 3 blame tee shirts (front print one size M others size L - $360 net all 3 recent prestos size 8 (all 9.5 + condition black with cage print removed) - $350 net all 3 vapor maxes size 9 (all 9.5 + condition) - $sold net acronym stash tee size L white - $soldnet acronym stash tee size L black - $ sold net
  4. erictheninja

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wts: j47-gt size s 2015 version (vertical collar) full pack 9.5/10 - $1350 net j1a-gt size s 2.0 full pack 9.5/10 - $2k net j79ts-gt size s full pack 9.9/10 - $1500 net j63pb size s full pack 9.5/10 - $1250 net acrnm x stash tee white size large $275 net acrnm x stash tee black size large $275 net (get both for $500) all 3 blame tees (front print size m, other two size large) $375 net ($140 each) j58-ws size medium full pack $1k net all 3 recent prestos 9.5 + condition (black with cage paint removed) $400 for the set all 3 vapormaxes 9.5 + condition $450 for the set lf1 multi size 8.5 9.9/10 condition $400 net SISP chelsea boot slip on CXADO $200 net bamboo prestos size xs $450 net olive presto size xs $450 net
  5. erictheninja

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Wts: j79ts-gt small full $1450 net obo j47-gt OG 2015 small full $1.3k net obo j1a-gt 2.0 small full $2k net obo j58-ws medium full $1k net obo j63-pb small full $1.2k net obo All 3 prestos (recent, black w cage paint removed) size 8 net $400 all 3 vapormaxes size 9 net $450 all 3 blame shirts size L / size M for front print net $400 both stash logo tees size L net $500 IC: 3a-5ts L2, 3a-1 silver foil , all 3 prestos (first set, size XS)
  6. erictheninja


    I think any of the following items would be great additions: j47-gt, j57ts-ss, j79-gt, j1a-gt 2.0, s8-ds, p10ts-ds. by pure coincidence I actually have all of these items for sale in your size. let me know
  7. erictheninja

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wts: j79ts-gt full pack size small worn once, $1500 + fees and shipping
  8. erictheninja

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS all 3 downtowns AF 1's size 8.5 / 8.5 / 9 | Olive / Crimson / The other one, respectively, all above 9.5 conditon. no boxes, extra laces included $400 + shipping and fees. WTS all 3 second wave prestos size 8 like new conditon (the black one has the cage paint removed) $400 + shipping and fees. WTS all 3 vapormaxes size 9, like new conditon, $450 + shipping and fees. buy any 2 sets get $50 off, buy all 3 sets get $100 dollars off ($1150 for the whole thing)
  9. erictheninja


    man i don't think any one was offended by your post bro, you didn't "go off", i honestly could barely understand wth you were trying to say for the majority of it because of all the superfluous fake woke bs you weaved in lol. ( my bad if you are english second language tho, respect for learning / knowing multiple languages if so) lol. ya bro i'm the wave rider. some light hearted assumptions to return the favor. you joined literally the week the acronym prestos release and you've posted multiple times complaining about wrinkled spec sheets. ps. you made “relatively accurate assumptions based on my post”. Lol you called me a serial ship jumper but my post literally is about wearing the same two brands for over 10 years lol.. ya I got no loyalty man .. (Again if this is an ESL reading comprehension thing then all good) Other wise yeah pretty sure you are in a convo with no one else but yourself. prolly should stop listening to that cryptic old mf too. Like i googled mans and one of the first results was how he doesn’t think dogs are cute. Nuff said
  10. erictheninja


    1. you're attempting to sound really smart, but you are really just having a circular conversation with yourself and some projected persona / idea of who you think I am, which honestly sounds really insecure 2. really not sure what you are trying to say with the john mayer part tbh, was purely using him for the sake of a music analogy. I make a second living in music and mayer was a big part of me getting good enough at music at a young age to do so now. not sure what's sus about being a hardcore fan of mayer, any music, or literally any thing. 3. I wrote a completely personal anecdote and stated it as so and you were triggered enough by it to write a complete assessment based on assumptions. i mean this in the most polite and objective way but, that's honestly a super embarrassing level of grade A entitlement, like you are a shining exemplary of what i would like to disassociate with tbh. though you may not be posting WTB: EVERYONE ELSE'S grails. you sound like a underleveled person in many other ways / your view of self importance is quite akin to those other "laymans" as you refer. 4. for someone who references the buddha, you don't seem to know much about him as you reek of self centricity, just my opinion @nodre
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