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  1. WTT: 3a-MK1 2x L2 for Silver Foil MK1 WTB : 3a-MSOL1
  2. Quantity is that number because that was the number that was able to be made. Simple as that.
  3. WTT: 3a-1 for 3a-1 Left
  4. WTT: J1A-GT size S for J43A-GT size S in New Condition
  5. WTB: 3A-1 LEFT LA5_MP Olive (size M) j58-ws (Size M) j50-s or j50-ws (size M) ng3-ps p17-ds (small) j44-gt (small) w/ silver zipper
  6. WTS: HD4-BR size small $320 shipped paying top dollar for : j58-ws size medium ng3-ps
  7. Does anyone know if they every made J29-CH in black? or only in Night? I dont' remember Googling results in end listing a j29-ch in (black) but this looks like it could be an error to me. Any insight is appreciated. thanks.
  8. are you tired of trying to explain your san francisco rent costing jacket habit to your coworkers? being nagged by your girlfriend for spending your guys grocery money on "your stupid fucking fish broiling packets" ahem* i mean foil attachments ? now theres a one stop simple solution to explaining everything.
  9. Wtb: ng3-ps willing to pay $450
  10. Wtb j58-ws in medium
  11. bump10char
  12. Prices don't include shipping ask me Paypal Only Negotiable Prices Legit 1. Vans Caballero Size 9. 95/100 50$ 2. Jordan I 2001 Navy Size 9.5 85/100 150$ 3. Supreme Miles Kind of Blue tee (GREY) Size L BNWOT 40$ 4 Supreme On the corner Miles black Size L BNWOT 40$
  13. bump10char
  14. bump! pics added
  15. Visvim Patela Kiefers Size 8 9.5/10 Condition Black/blue - 300 Shipped can be laced regularly zipper can be taken off Visvim Elk Fbt Size 8 9.5/10 Condition Black Leather / Blue Beads - 320 Shipped items worn 1-2 times since new