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  1. FS: 3A-1 Black Foil never used. perfect condition. bag and spec included. I reserve the right to send new members over to Grailed to pay double. EU1500.00 NET.
  2. WTS: P23A-DS. Black. Medium. Worn for less than 5hrs. 9.5 / 10. No bag or spec this time. <<< SOLD >>> (fees and shipping on top).
  3. <<< Drop to SOLD SOLD SOLD. Rock bottom prices >>>
  4. It’s theatre season, so why not go full theatrical with these? Price drop to €500.00 NET.
  5. WTS: P30A-E. Large. Navy. 9/10 condition. Bag & spec inc. €700.00 NET (shipping + fees on top). Located in Amsterdam, shipping worldwide.
  6. FS: S26-PR. Full pack. White. Size Large. 9.5 / 10. SOLD
  7. My J117 finally shipped today, due to arrive Friday. CZE to NL.
  8. I also ordered last week, and it hasn’t shipped yet… maybe my expectations are out of whack but for what is a luxury good I would expect shipping within 24hr or some form of Comms to say there’s a delay / it’s a pre-order… Also 25 EU for shipping from DE to NL = they truly have us on all fours…
  9. FS: J1A GTPL NAVY. Sz L. Full pack. 9/10. €900.00 NET. And FS, but maybe the wrong place for it... RMT01 NA. BNIB. Full pack. €2,000.00 NET
  10. FS: 3A-8TS Good overall condition for a 10YO bag. Some wear on the extremities where you would expect. Has not been used heavily. Some minor delam on the X Pac flap that pulls closed. EU500 Net (500 after shipping + fees).
  11. EU200 NET (shipping + fees on top)
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