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  1. WTB: P24A-DS Size S/M for $1400 USD Serious Offer. Hit me up. Thanks
  2. WTS: - J61-WS Size M 10/10 Full Set (US$870 + $25 Shipping + Fees) SOLD - S15-DS Size M 8/10 Full Set (US$280 + $25 Shipping + Fees) SOLD - Bamboo Prestos Size S 8.5/10 No Box (US$350 + $25 Shipping + Fees) (100% Authentic. Nikelab receipt available upon request) SOLD Thanks
  3. WTT: P10TS-DS Size S ...for your... J61-WS Size M Thanks SOLD
  4. WTS: J47R-GT Size M, Brand New $1320 Shipped Worldwide (Below Retail!) Thanks Sold
  5. WTT: P25-DS (Size S or M), Brand New 3A-MZ3 (Black or Silver), Brand New J47R-GT (Size M), Brand New ...for your... P24A-DS (Size S/M, DS Only), 8+/10 3A-3TS/5TS Foil (Silver or Black), 8+/10 +/- Cash for Unequal Trades. Let's talk.
  6. Deleted
  7. I am more than happy to take this overrated piece from you.
  8. WTB: NG3-PS for $700 usd Serious offer. Paypal ready
  9. Actually, that was from the photo posted by E. Haha
  10. so we know two pieces of the collection so far... the J46 and the J48, all in that leather-esque material And purchases can be made directly after the event.......
  11. https://shop.havenshop.ca/products/acronym-j1ts-s-1 LAST RAF GREEN in M
  12. More MPs!
  13. Idol Brooklyn still got them p10ts-ds..for those who are still looking
  14. Never had the J1A, but i just don't find S to be a good layering piece. its a great standalone piece though, but it also has the zippers for J58-WS (More J58 coming soon)
  15. Never really liked S jacket tbh cause it feels heavy. Only bought this because I think it looks cool as shit, and i have a few MPs to spare. I wish they would make this a GT in the future, but the S jacket ain't cheap already.