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  1. Size chart definitely looks off, but having tried on couple sizes of the J70-BU, I think one should also consider the thickness and stiffness of the Burel wool fabric. The fabric is quite thick and stiff, gives it a very 3D, slightly boxy look. If you take those into account, the jacket is pretty true to size (straight fit), apart from maybe the sleeve length (not very forgiving as you can't stack it). You will also want to wear long sleeves underneath (yes, its itchy), but this jacket is a work of art and very pleased to see acrnm took its time with this jacket.
  2. Not true, both are retailer drop B
  3. I think so. Similar to loro piana, Burel is a centuries-old specialty wool manufacuturer known for its rustic feel and texture. IMHO, I think acrnm killed it with the paneling, seamless articulation look on the J70. Made possible because of the density of the Burel wool. The dehairing on ak is stupidly annoying.
  4. Wait til you see it in person, it was easily the best item in the showroom. The texture of the Burel wool is absolutely amazing, nothing like the J65-ak/km
  5. WTS: - J47TS-GT WHT Medium - 9/10 - US$1,700 (Below Retail) https://www.grailed.com/listings/46367702-acronym-j47ts-gt-white-last-drop - J104-GTPL Gray/Black Medium - 8/10 - US$1,700 (Below Retail) https://www.grailed.com/listings/45873266-acronym-j104-gtpl-gray-black-last-drop US$60 DHL shipping worldwide, all items exclude 4.5% PP fee
  6. Reminder if you are looking to purchase the sacai bomber, highly suggest you to thorough check the authenticity of the jacket. There is an abundance of fake ones with tempting prices out there. A good starting point would be to check out the grid pattern on the size label gt backer (even though its not a gt jacket). Fakes one are very visibly grid-like and fonts are printed very clear and stiff on the label. Fake: Real:
  7. Everyone in the know first hand won't be sharing specifics in a public forum obviously...but capping quantities and purging retailers are factual and the info is as good as it gets without being specific
  8. acrnm is purging those retail accounts. We will soon see a reduced list of retailers as well as capped quantities per item. Hopefully the right first step towards balancing the excess supply we have been observing for the past few seasons
  9. XPAC VX21 CIRE https://www.extremtextil.de/en/x-pac-vx21-cire-backpack-laminate-205g-sqm.html
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