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  1. eyesolation

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: 3A-13TS + 3A-MK2, black, brand new full packs, 1385eur (=retail, which was 1090eur and 295eur respectively) + shipping/fees J16-GT size S, 9/10 used condition, full pack, 1000eur + shipping/fees P34-E size S, brand new full pack, 1200eur (=what I paid to get them from Hotoveli) + shipping/fees P38-GT size S, brand new full pack, 1791eur (=retail) + shipping/fees
  2. eyesolation


    yeah in terms of what the spec says, i.e. waist, length etc. they're the same, but thighs are a tad bit wider.
  3. eyesolation


    the -gt has a slightly wider cut than the -e to accommodate the inner pant, so I don't think the -e is intended to be worn as an overpant - but hey, doesn't mean you're not allowed to;)
  4. eyesolation


    second that, I was actually surprised how smooth those zips are on the -e.
  5. eyesolation

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT my: J29-WS size M, brand new full pack for either one of the below in 9+/10 condition: J47A-WS size S or M J28-K, red cw, size S or M (and no, I'm not trying to sell the J29, I'll keep it for myself in case no trades materialize)
  6. eyesolation

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    probably because you came in out of nowhere asking for super rare/coveted items without offering anything in return.
  7. eyesolation


    Carting an item has never saved your spot, it's always been like that.
  8. eyesolation


    Didn't notice at first and was considering getting one of the new "black" bags, but now I can't unsee this ... I wonder how noticeable it actually is - would appreciate if anyone who copped could post some pics.
  9. eyesolation

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    season trailer just went live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JFmf9o7LvM
  10. eyesolation


    The negative sentiment probably also comes from the sorry trend of attention-seeking ppl destroying expensive stuff (be it cars, clothes, whatever) on camera just for the clout/views on ig/youtube etc. (and yes, I know you didn't destroy the jacket, but that's not the point) But anyway, if you're having fun doing that, do whatever you like - just don't expect everyone to find it funny or send praise and congratulations your way.
  11. eyesolation

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    starting at 3x the price he bought it a few days ago - this scalper is pretty infamous in the .jp community, don't support this douche.
  12. eyesolation


    That's exactly why I sized the LA8 down - got the LA8 in S, which is exactly the same fit as my LA6 in M. The only difference is that the LA8 is half an inch longer and has a bit more structure due to the thicker material. Super happy with it, as I prefer the fitted shirt look to the baggy overshirt look.
  13. eyesolation

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    fake - you can easily tell by the size tag
  14. eyesolation

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    New year update: I'm looking for (in 9+/10 condition): 3A-MK3 OG X-PAC J1A-LP size M DS-J12TS, dust, size M J28-K, red, size S/M J40-S, raf, size M Prefer buying, but also have various items to trade in case you don't want to straight sell - DM me for details. Also, looking for high quality scans of the following spec sheets: J38-LP, SP9-CH, 3A-6TS OG X-PAC, 3A-MSOL1
  15. eyesolation

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    yeah that dude just bought it for 1000 usd on mercari 2 days ago, don't fall for that reseller scumbag. it's in terrible shape anyway.
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