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  1. eyesolation


    Just to give an alternative opinion on the J36 sizing, I'm usually betweeen S and M on acrnm jackets (wearing M for both J28 and J1A), and I went with S for the J36 and totally happy with it. It really comes down to whether you want a tanky outer shell under which you stack a liner and other layers. I wanted a profile-fitting spring/fall jacket that I can wear without a liner and it's a perfect fit for that purpose. I can even wear it on top of a shirt+sweater without a problem.
  2. eyesolation


    Oh I was only talking about "features" of the J41, but yeah the material definitely is different. The OG one according to specsheet: GORE-TEX® Product Technology (PA 71%, ePTFE 29%) with Paclite® Product Technology [ Linerless ] GTV: 2.5L GORE-TEX® (Face fabric: 100% PES, Membrane: ePTFE) With Polymer Dot Backer You can see those dots on the sleeve's closeup shot - my OG definitely doesn't have those, but instead has the leathery texture typical for paclite.
  3. eyesolation


    My OG J41 has the same sleeve zips. As far as I can tell the only new detail about the GTV is that it has an internal sling now. Also, according to size measurements it got 1cm narrower and 1cm longer.
  4. eyesolation

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB in 9+/10 condition: J1A-LP size S/M J1A-S size S/M J28-K red size S/M SS-CP1/2 size S/M willing to offer as trades for the above (+/- cash adjustments): 3A-3TS olive X-PAC, brand new full pack 3A-5TS black X-PAC, brand new full pack L-J11, size M, jacket only, no flaws 9/10 GT-J29, petrol, size M, full pack, no flaws 9/10 J41-GT, size M, full pack, no flaws 9/10 J61-WS, size M, full pack, no flaws 9/10 J68-S white, size M, brand new full pack J74-PX white, size M, full pack, no flaws 9/10 NG8-PS, brand new full pack also, still looking for high quality scans of the following spec sheets: J1A-GT, DS-J5, L-J11, J38-LP, SP9-CH, 3A-6TS OG X-PAC, 3A-MSOL1, 3A-WK2
  5. eyesolation


    He's been wearing this and also some other hamc.us items in his recent ig stories.
  6. eyesolation

    Urban Techwear

    looks like vexed generation finally released their comeback collection! https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/vexed-generation/items.aspx?q=vexed%20generation for those not familiar with the brand: http://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/36710/1/the-return-of-cult-political-fashion-brand-vexed-generation-90s-london
  7. eyesolation


    I don't know about that sizing up. I went TTS (usually wear 10 in anything Nike and went 10 for the Bamba 2 as well) and they feel plenty roomy, probably could've sized down even. My feet are on the wider side, too.
  8. eyesolation


    That year probably means it's a Limonta version? Price would heavily depend on the condition, particularly the material's fading. Do you have any pictures?
  9. eyesolation


    I think even ppl who sent back the recalled j63a with UPS had their package sit at customs up to 2 weeks in some cases.
  10. eyesolation


    firmament says:
  11. eyesolation

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Isn't italist just a marketplace for "italian boutiques"? Whatever the definition of such a boutique is, I thought the site's kind of like a glorified ebay, so it's not really surprising there are shady sellers on there...
  12. eyesolation

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB/WTT I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for: SISP Bagjack Transformable Messenger (black or red cw) I'm willing to trade any of my below Stone Island items (+/- price adjustments): SI FW15 Hidden Reflective Vest (size S) SISP FW12 Modular Down Jacket (navy, size L) SISP SS17 Vented Cargo Pants (size 46) WTS SISP 10th Anniversary Stealth Parka, tried on once, otherwise BNWT (size M) - 1800usd + fees/shipping
  13. eyesolation


    Gonna chime in, as my shipment has arrived as well in the meanwhile. Still a bit bummed I couldn't get the black MP2TS... but anyway, here we go: MTS1/MTS2 are gimmicky fashion items imho, definitely not worth their price - but I kind of expected that and got them mostly for collection purposes. Ironically the cheaper MTS3 turns out to be more useful due to its easy to access top entry mechanism. The latter also makes it also possible to put it on in reverse to show the acrnm logo, which is neat. MTS4/5 are pretty much as before, but I prefer the old versions for their leather trim, and the previous MTS4 also had the logo tape, as well as 2 magnetic strips - it's really disappointing that they ditched the latter. MTS6 is actually the best bang for the buck and my favorite item in this drop. MK1/2/3 are the usual deal - the black ones also looks nice on L2 bags. I think this is well known, but if you have a 5TS/6TS you definitely want to get two MK3s, same goes for 8TS/13TS owners getting the MK2. MZ1/MZ2TS are a great alternative to the MKs, they feel much more solid/structured than the latter. I'm a bit torn on the new zipper pulls though. From a utilitarian viewpoint they're great - the short end is very easy to grab - and the interconnected long end makes it really easy to close both zippers in a single pull. The only downside is that the pulls stick out quite a bit when the zippers are closed. They also feel a bit fragile and make me worry that I might tear them when doing that pull on the long end. I didn't get any of the other MZs but I'm a bit on the edge whether to grab the MZ4. The belt turned out to be thinner / less solid than I expected and thus feels pretty cheap - not really worth it - go get a nice Bagjack mini cobra belt instead.
  14. eyesolation


    wait mine didn't come with any patches ... which pocket are they supposed to be in? only had the infinium tag in one of the side pockets ... fml