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  1. segue


    P38s hitting retailers too or only ms
  2. WTT j72-ds small black for 3a-5-cr
  3. segue


    I literally comment this on all his posts.......... give us jackets in low maintenance beater materials that we don't have to baby please
  4. segue


    if you had to pick 1 acrnm shell, one liner, one pant/short to rock for the rest of your life, what would it be? y? if you could have 1 item that hasn't been made yet, what would it be (i.e. j1a but in nylon) ? shell: J47a-ws - slim profile with mega chest pocket and packability makes it super useful liner: tie between j89-ad (hella slept on) gets so much use and j58ws best versatile insulator pant: i know, so cliche but p10a-ds self explanatory lol dream item: j47a in nylon or j72ds lined with AD
  5. WTT my J72-DS - S Black for J72-DS - M Raf
  6. Definitely meant the shorts sp29-m lol
  7. WTS: SP29-M, XS grey, tried on full pack $500 shipped CONUS Lmao copied wrong thing. It’s the shorts
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