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  1. segue


    @AvantSol eh stotz still requires more maintenance than just throwing it in the wash since it will turn to be shiz if you dont take care of it via instructions. would be cool to have jackets in sateen cotton or nyco or anything that will virtually look the same as it does brand new after you wash it the first few times. not talking about breaking it in / patina, but fabric choices are limited when it comes to easy care. only materials i can see jackets in where i could wear without as much care would be pertex or encapsulated nylon. wouldnt want a jacket made of ds or ch
  2. segue


    acrnm needs to using fabrics that are easier to maintain. Not everything needs to be bleeding edge or edgy. like give us some shiz we can just wash and not worry abbot insane wrinkles or delam smh.
  3. segue


    I bet you could iron it since it’s cotton. Did you hand wash it.
  4. segue

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS LA6B-AD small 9/10 - $950 CONUS shipped FF / + paypal fee 3A-MZ1 Olive 10/10 - $275 CONUS shipped FF / + paypal fee
  5. segue


    E looks like he put on his dads jacket to go have a snowball fight with his friends
  6. segue


    i used to have a monitor coat and i used to wear it with just a t. hate to break it to you but if you haven't washed it, the inner elbows will have already delamed.
  7. segue


    I avoid all direct skin contact with any of my GT jackets mostly cause 1 im paranoid and 2 my skin is oily. But if you do have skin contact and wash every couple of wears, you should be fine. also @knucks the p10s fit nice. I'm 5'7 and xs fits me just fine. prob cause im on the skinnier side but length wise, there are no issues. I can get away with S as well but I prefer XS
  8. segue

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT p10A-DS xs for p10a-E xs
  9. segue


    p35 looks great a little high like that for a cropped look but i will never be okay with that tuxedo line down the side lol
  10. segue


    dont let goretex touch your skin. if you do, wash it within the week
  11. segue


    we desperately need more jackets in encapsulated nylon
  12. segue


    Been wearing the j58 for a couple of days and I’m pretty shocked at how warm it keeps me. I run cold so I’m that weirdo that wears a jacket in the office. When I wear it outdoors (around 30 degrees) I wear a sweater underneath and don’t feel any cold on my torso. My guess is it’s the primaloft working in conjunction with the ws but I’ve actually replaced my winter parka with the j58 since it keeps me warmer which I was not expecting. I’ve tried multiple synthetic insulator jackets like the arcteryx alpha IS and the fission SV but don’t remember it keeping me as coldproof as this.
  13. segue


    Does anyone have exp with climashield vs primaloft? Looks like primaloft maintains warmth when wet but would rather have warmer insulation over wet performance since I’d wear it under a shell anyway
  14. segue


    Did they end up updating it to 6201.99.1530? Ups entry specialist told me this was the most accurate code and that it was cheaper as well
  15. segue

    I WEAR JIKA–TABI [地下足袋]

    could never pull off tabis but these look good. where are your pants from btw? did you get them cropped?
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