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  1. segue


    Same thing goes for me @RemarkableArmor My entire wardrobe is either black or raf...
  2. segue


    Maybe im being optimistic but I can only see reselling for any type of real profit dying down in the general sense and only happening for hype items or classics like @lopiteaux said i.e j1as/p10s with the gradual influx of supply with more product being released. It was the perfect environment for reselling with the hype picking up amidst lack of supply and prices being a few hundred less than what it is now which made it the perfect situation to resell. I don’t see many peeps being able to or even wanting to go through the trouble after a few years cause retail prices be closing in on resell which will lead to the return of a happy utopia of the acrnm community trading pieces back and forth with enthusiasts who value community over making margins BUT I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG. hoping I’m a little right tho
  3. segue


    Yeah I had tried to find subs and purchased it myself a while back but the color and weave is off. But better than nothing if you need something
  4. segue


    Just want to note for anyone that does want to get this, they are substitutes and not exact replacements since the milspec ribbons are produced by gueth and wolf
  5. segue


    @skycrawler @lopiteaux appreciate the input. will have to give it a test run come fall since spring is in full swing and stotz can get pretty hot at least for me
  6. segue


    how is everyone who got the j36 feeling with their purchase. i had been waiting for a 36 for a while and got hyped to get it in stotz instead of gt cause i wanted to beat it to death but surprisingly i didn't fall immediately in love with it like i thought i would. thinking about holding onto it in hopes of having it grow on me but feel indifferent at the moment. I'm thinking i may just not be a fan of stotz in general and would have preferred it in a nylon non gt rendition like the p10a-e's. imo stotz jackets stack weird in the arms
  7. segue


    he woulda probably looked weird wearing a medium that was more form fitted with his baggier pants but the L looks good here. also how yall know what size he wearing LOL
  8. segue


    Who out there got some fit pics of the j36????
  9. segue


    Was able to get through to Debbra who was able to update my HTS code! Her info is below Debbra P BrittUPS Brokerage2031 S Centennial AvenueAiken SC 29803Desk 803-502-7063Fax [email protected]
  10. segue


    Anyone having trouble getting in touch with UPS to update HTS codes? Called a bunch of times and I always get to a full mailbox or someone that keeps forwarding me to another person. My last name starts with K and I tried Tina griffin (who was like is this for acronym? LOL guessing y’all been bugging her) who then forwarded me to Xiamorra but I can’t seem to get through to her.
  11. segue


    Strange that they didn’t add pics for the black colorway. Interested to see how it folds in comparison with ds and s
  12. segue

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    No longer looking for j36
  13. segue


    I’ll say that I’ve only owned the j28, j1a, j68, j16, and the j47 and I’ve gotten rid of all of them except my 47. As of now it’s my favorite jacket (so far) because of the stand up hood and collar, gigantic left pocket and sub pocket, and slim profile fit. J1a is a close second and I’d like to get my hands on a j36 when they rerelease it sometime in the future whenever that will be
  14. segue


    it really depends on the garment. normally i prefer newer goretex models out of the higher chance that the microgrid isnt prone to delam. Depending on age, nature of use, and care, those factors can result in a higher possibility of compromise to the fabric and/or seam tape but since the 47a came out 3-4 years ago, I don't think that will be as big of an issue as opposed to comparing it with a shell from say maybe 10 years ago since the gore tex pro fabric itself improved (i forget which year it increased a substantial amount of breathability).
  15. segue

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    yes my thoughts exactly, the t shirts are a prime example. when i took a step back I was like, "the t shirts are over $200, the poplin moc neck shirt is over $400, sweaters easily $500, jackets norming at $800.." I mean i know it's stone island but it seemed to me that they know the fanbase for si, sisp, acrnm has been growing and they're thinking "we can get away with these price points since there is now growing demand."