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  1. Acronym.

    bodega just dropped their stuff. surprisingly their prices are much higher than hotoveli (at least for the j47s didnt look at the others) https://shop.bdgastore.com/collections/acronym
  2. Acronym.

    LOL i feel you. ng4 was a suprise for me too, thought the product photos were just using the ng3. but from the presto corp promos, looks like the ng4 might come out in white as well? is there only 1 drop fw? thought it was 2
  3. Acronym.

    had it in the cart but couldnt get the dub :T
  4. Acronym.

    the more i look at the white j47ts-gt, the more i want to get it so that I can dye it....
  5. Acronym.

    i was crossing my fingers in hopes of the 47ts-gt coming out in olive, but looks like its just black and white :T curious to see what the PX fabric is like. anyone know what it stands for? is it a goretex product?
  6. Acronym.

    so it's not shakedry?
  7. Acronym.

    whats worse is people writing acronym on irrelevant pieces like polo and y-3... smh https://www.grailed.com/listings/6302074-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Acronym-turtleneck-bag-pocket-jacket https://www.grailed.com/listings/6640320-Adidas---Y-3-Adidas-Y-3-Pocket-Zip-3-Stripe-Tee-XL-AP2472--220-acg-nikelab-techwear-acronym
  8. Acronym.

    No way 2k+ EURO? Could understand USD but Euro?
  9. Acronym.

    post up pics of the 3a-1 black bruh
  10. Acronym.

    JUST DEPENDS ON WHAT YALL ARE LOOKING FOR. WANNA SWAG OUT AND PAY FOR IT? COOL! WANT SOMETHING THAT MAKES A LITTLE BIT MORE SENSE FOR YOUR EVERYDAY USAGE BUT DOESNT LOOK THAT TIGHT AND SAVE MONEY? COOL. value on product is mostly subjective but i appreciate both sides of the argument since they both help give better insight into buying decisions.
  11. Acronym.

    pics boiiiii
  12. Acronym.

    might look better with the collar popped up but the way the collar is folded down makes it looks whack. the shirt / polo collar doesn't work well with the vibe of the rest of the j1a like the map pocket and shoulder cuff but guaranteed its still gonna sell out. also it being off center bothers me :T
  13. Acronym.

    I know they don't but i wonder how many items will begin to sit in stock with the coming years cause of the price points and even if they did something marginal like 5% off, im sure people would be more inclined to buy than not. They could hold onto inventory forever if they want to continue to keep their gig small like they have been but with their collab expansions and growth i wonder if they would change their sales tactics. prob not but couldnt imagine gear slowly amassing and collecting dust until the sell it retail but i also never imagined paying macbook pro prices for trousers so
  14. Acronym.

    with these kind of price points and continual market saturation, do you think we are going to see acrnm do sales for the first time ever in the near future?
  15. Acronym.

    so is E dropping glasses or FIRST FW1819 ON MONDAY?