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  1. brian_g

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    @eyeheartny was a pleasure to work with. Fast shipping and as described.
  2. brian_g


    I enjoy the technical portions of your videos. The side by side J1 demonstration was well done and helpful to visualize how different features work. Unsolicited advice would be to work on your scripting. Some of the storytelling sections run on a bit too long for my taste. The message overall is fine, but tighten up how you're expressing it.
  3. brian_g


    Have you checked out the J84-S? I found that model photos are a bit deceiving. Outside of the collar and different pockets, the actual fit is somewhat similar.
  4. brian_g

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I have one in Large. Rarely worn. Fits slim. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  5. brian_g


    I picked one up second-hand and it also didn’t have a sling, despite having hook loops. I have a couple of extra slings from some older shirts, but I doubt I’ll use them with this. I’d worry about the knit fabric stretching out since it’s fairly heavyweight. I haven’t noticed too many loose threads, but also haven’t given it a ton of wear yet. I have the J72-AK and it’s a normal amount of hairyness from this type of fabric.
  6. brian_g


    I've had this experience before for sure, but very rarely have I ever TRULY regretted selling something. I've had a couple of P10's that I like in theory more than in reality. More often than not, I find that certain pieces are owned more for the sake of ownership and looking at rather than actually wearing in real life scenarios. With that said, what did you fall back in love with?
  7. brian_g

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Seamless transaction with @Yan90. Shipped from the USA to International with no issue. Thanks brother.
  8. brian_g

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Just posted up my J40-S on JawnFlip. Happy to talk here if you’re interested. You can see more photos there. Sold!
  9. brian_g


    The P9-S has a nice fit that is comparable to the straight leg look that's popular nowadays, similar to Dickies 874. The grosgrain at the hem is a bit wider than more modern pants, so it's easier to cuff if that's the look you're going for. Only thing I'd wish for is a slightly higher rise waist.
  10. brian_g


    Thanks for that note. Their staff was helpful and one of the deliveries was processed and delivered to me this morning without any additional issue. The 2nd package is still held up with FedEx, but HBX checked in with me again and said they submitted whatever was needed for that package too, so I'd imagine that will get resolved soon.
  11. brian_g


    @robbatussin @appolez Placed 2 orders from the release this week from HBX shipping to NYC and they're both held up at Fedex right now. Fedex is asking me for a commercial invoice, despite the fact that the shipping label states the full HKD value on it. I've never experienced this with HBX before, so wondering if something recently changed...
  12. brian_g


    Pretty sure I replied to you on Facebook suggesting to stay TTS. If that's your Height/Weight, I'd definitely suggest staying TTS. I float between 180-190 and while I could technically fit into a Medium, I don't think the look would be what I'd want. Large allows me to wear it with a single layer shirt and have it fit a bit (but not ridiculously) looser, but if I wear multiple layers or a sweater beneath, I'd definitely want to stay in the Large.
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