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  1. I'd say they're putting up all the new pieces and are adding all the old stock they still have while they're at it.
  2. Were the cdg x nikelab ever released online?
  3. -
  4. Still hoping for a return of acronym shorts.
  5. ic: these in black size XL (fit more like L)
  6. Can anybody recommend boots that look similar to these Alyx ones?
  8. You're going to be sweating in both of them during the summer.
  9. Yeah, I'd also be more than happy to take one (pair) of the silver 3A-MZ3
  10. well fuck me, those zip pockets were gone before I could add them to the cart.
  11. How about we maybe get an acronym sizing help thread?
  12. What would someone with an size S shell do then? The fit is »profile« which usually means that it's rather tight and sizing down would be a bad idea.
  13. This has been said again and again: the length is important. If you have stubby short legs you might get away with an M. I'm 6'3 and go for L or XL.
  14. Damnit, why's that not an L!
  15. Anybody want to take an LA7-DS in size XL off my hands for retail + shipping? Otherwise it's just going back to the store.