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  1. Anybody know if any store in Europe still has the black shoes in a 10.5?
  2. $600 + shipping, comes with spec sheet and bag
  3. Only places that carry Acronym are Firmament and Andreas Murkudis.
  4. Did they send out the invites already?
  5. I've been eyeing the SISP tactical shirt a while and bought it a couple of days ago. Let's see how it compares to the LAB6. Also, I just received my shipping notice.
  6. Last IC before this thing goes RIP LA7-DS SIZE L worn like three times
  7. P10 and J1TS up on firmament
  8. They usually do
  9. They were 268 a pop, I think.
  10. So, what's the ETA of those modulars showing up on grailed for 2x the price?
  11. Here we go
  12. The two colour J1TS-S looks sick, actually. I wouldn't mind a GT version for the next season.
  13. Soooo, no shorts again it seems. I guess I should let that dream die.
  14. I really hope we get some time to scheme instead of having to impulse buy everything that might be of interest.