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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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J1A-GTPL Black XS worn once or twice

J1A-GTPL Navy XS worn once or twice

1500€ Each

J90-DS Alpha Green Small 10/10


J1B-GT Black Small 9/10


3A-2 Green Foil 10/10


P30A-DS gen 1 XS 



Located in Europe but dealt a lot with ww, all prices PP F&F, can split shipping


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Found J28-GT in sz L so willing to sell my sz flawless sz M J28-GT. Paid $2360 for the L willing to take $2,200 + ship for my M! Located in NYC

WTB: Looking for p36-E sz M/L 

J1a GTPL black / olive sz L

J1a-gt 2.0 sz L 


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On 5/4/2021 at 4:47 PM, lehadrakon said:


  • LA6B-AD, size M, full pack 9/10 - 900$
  • S-J7, size M, just jacket, 9.5/10 - 600$
  • J61-GT, size M, full pack, 9/10 - 1800$

WTS for friend

  • J78-WS, size L, without spec and bag, 8/10, minor mark on left sleeve (2 mm) - 900$
  • P30A-DS(SS19 v1.0), size M, full pack, 8/10 - 1100$
  • J41-GTV(SS19), size M, no specsheet, 9/10 - 1400$

Prices are negotiable.

All prices are F&F without shipping. Ship with EMS from Ukraine.


Also WTS P31A-DS in RAF, size M, full pack 9.5/10 - 800$

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On 5/24/2021 at 10:00 AM, darksadvial said:


P33-DS Small 9/10 Full Pack $1150 shipped 

P10-S (2018) Black XS  8/10 Full Pack $ 900 shipped 

P34-DS Small 9.5/10 Alpha Full Pack $1350 shipped

S24B-DS XSmall 9/10 Black Full Pack $500 shipped

open to offers, 

@darksadvial insta for fast replies 

references and details upon request

Thank you for your interest! 



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On 5/24/2021 at 12:15 PM, xc-mtb said:


Iconic FW1011 GT-J19 Full Set with Holster, etc., Never worn outside. Gore Tex Pro. The jacket has EscapeZip, Forcelock, etc.

Asked Price is 1.500 EUR Shipped internationally with full insurance and Tracking


  • Season Code: ACR-FW-1011
  • SKU: GT-J19 / 3A-SR1
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: Large

Should fit the Acronym Laptop. Can be used with other 3A Moduls. TS Webbing on the smaller bags to attach 3A-MTS1 or 3A-MTS2 or 3A-MTS3 for example.


Demonstration of the Set in the video:














Open for reasonable offers.

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Want to trade and sell some things;

P25 - DS M for S, full pack 8/10 condition

J50 - WS XL for L, full pack 8/10 condition

P16A - S size L full pack, 7/10 condition 750 USD G&S + Ship 

What'd be ideal is like a trade for a 3A3TS, I got two pairs of LF100 size 9 and 9.5 to sweeten any deals. A pair of Crimson LF1 size 8 too. 

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P10-CH SS16

Imo the best p10 iteration with more volumetric and "rigid" knee articulation  in dense and thicker -СН (not as previous FW1516 thin -CH version. 

size S (I'm sizing up to M, that's why selling)

Black color, but looks more like beautiful deep dark navy

Full pack


680 usd net

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  • J47A-WS :: S :: Prefer to buy, but I can trade my J28-WS (S) for this.
  • P24A-DS (2018) :: S
  • P36-E :: S
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