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  1. Not to profile. Probably like the J28. J25-SS not for layering was my suggestion. Sold it two years ago.
  2. Bagjack has some modules too. My MK fit a Fuji X T10 with 35 mm for example.
  3. Something interesting is nearly always coming. We don't have to hope for rereleases of old ones. For example I had a J28-gt and I do not regret to have sold it. Probably I can double the price now but the new types are great as well.
  4. Just Night so far
  5. Want to sell only as a set: ACRONYM: P10-CH Size L in Night with Carabiner, Bag and Paper P9-E Size L in RAF no Bag and Paper Both in good but used condition. No holes or stains. Located in Europe. Would ship with DHL "Paket incl. Insurance and Tracking" Price: my idea for both is 1.000 EUR plus shipping. Open for offers for both together. IC: If someone is interested in a GT-J32 in M in great condition, I am open for offers. Payment via Paypal friends & family or paypal + fees on your side.
  6. Last time it took nearly 2 Months from Germany to USA. That must be an accident. Normal for me is 7 to 21 days from my experience.
  7. 3A-3TS bagjack and Acronym Modules GT-J43
  8. Should mean 0 of anything. Old and new. There has always been years without bags.
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions. I will think and probably buy one of these. I am travell between South America and Europe many times a year and I don't think that something with isolation is coming up in March for SS if the northern hemisphere. It is getting colder in the south than. best regards
  10. Hello, i am thinking of the J50 or J57-TS. Anyone with experience of this jackets? I guess the J50 is stronger as a stand alone. Could use them for insulation with J32 or J43 as well. regards Matthias
  11. DAF1 are great shoes. Received mine today and think they are nice and work with different types of trousers. Craftsmanship seems to be better than the prestos. Don't know why they are priced that high (the prestos). fit is narrower compared to AF1.
  12. DHL is good. Bit be sure to pay for insurance and tracking as "Paket". Recently had a parcel that took nearly two months from Germany to USA. UPS is an option as well but more complicated.
  13. Yes
  14. And Neymar as well
  15. For Sale P24A-DS Size L New condition Including Bag Tags and original Packaging 800€ + PayPal fees or as gift plus shipping Can send you pictures if needed. Great pant. Excellent pocket placement. Located in Europe