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    Yep, the Dallas office number referenced in previous posts seems to no longer be affiliated with UPS (my last name starts with W). Called the main brokerage line and was told to call a Philly number. Haven't been able to reach the person at the end of that number though.
  2. appolez


    Considering the P10A-E isn’t cotton, you might have a tough time with that. I’m going to try 6203.43.03.00 or 6203.43.11.90 (synthetic fibers, RPO and water resistant) based on some cursory glances at the HTS.
  3. appolez

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Thanks to @GUNDAM for a smooth transaction.
  4. appolez

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Overdue shoutouts (some egregiously so) for easy and smooth transactions: @Xu Jianfeng @danii @al751
  5. appolez


    I mean, at least with pricing, there is some sort of perverse consistency in what E's doing. He justified last season's price increases as being connected to paying fair wages in Europe. Now, we see a reduced price J1A with production in China. This, of course, ignores the hypocrisy of the social commentary he provides/retweets constantly.
  6. appolez

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB: P10/P10A-S Black - Large P10-CH Night - Large J43A-GT - Large J43-K Black - Large J16-GT - Large <3
  7. appolez


    Still almost a full size run https://www.sneakerboy.com/shop-sneakers/odyssey-asymetric-for-bbs-fw18salom16.html