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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 4/14/2021 at 2:25 PM, mike.kanashi said:


- J53TS-GT size large. 8/10 full pack. 



- P33-DS Large 

- J58-WS or J50-WS large

Open to trades for these items for the J53+/- cash adjustment where applicable B)

Open to trades in other large Acronym too if you have something to offer

Bump. $750USD+ shipping and fees. 


Pics attached below. 


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WTT my:

J29-WS size M, brand new full pack

for either one of the below in 9+/10 condition:

J47A-WS size S or M
J28-K, red cw, size S or M

(and no, I'm not trying to sell the J29, I'll keep it for myself in case no trades materialize)

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  • J1B-GT :: Black :: S :: Brand New, Full Pack :: SOLD
  • 3A-1 :: Black :: SS21 :: Worn out once, Like New, Full Pack :: $1250 shipped CONUS.


  • J47A-WS :: S
  • P24A-DS (2018) :: XS/S
  • J72-DS :: Black :: S

Will pay well for the items!

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On 4/18/2021 at 10:42 AM, uboraan said:

Everything's small


P23A-S raf for P38-E (or i can cop outright)


TS Mods




P23A-S/DS (Only black)




Bump a line

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On 3/20/2021 at 6:56 PM, CCALL said:


J63-PB sz. L

$1140 shipped in the CONUS. Full pack (jacket sling mounted on inside). 

Washed once, worn very very carefully since. Two small tears on right rear shoulder and some cosmetic creasing due to wear.



Bump, now $1090 shipped in the CONUS.

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J28-WS Small for J29-WS Small retail difference compensation


P30A-DS Ver 1.1 XSmall for P38-E Small retail difference compensation

shipping from Hong Kong internationally WW tracked express

Thank you very much everybody

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J28-WS, large, BNWT.

£2,000 including shipping and fees. Appreciate that this sounds like a chunk, but is a modest premium over retail after considering import charges (#fuckbrexit). Hit me up with sensible offers.

Sold to @projektxvi. An absolute pleasure to deal with, and would definitely recommend.

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J48-SS 1.0 Medium - $750 net.  Worn, in good condition with no delam. Most noticeable wear is at zipper pull (due to material type), and one interior jacket sling mount from abrasion over time. Minor pilling. Pictures available. Full pack. SOLD

P31-DS Medium - $850 net. Bought almost new from another user here, worn a handful of times.  Still basically like new.  Full pack.

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J29-ws (M)

Or lmk if you're interested in the possible trade options (+/- cash where needed) all full pack.

P10A-E (m) Black

J44-SD (M) Black

P30A-DS (S) Black (non raid pocket version)

J36-S (M) Black

J68-PL (M) Raf 

J1B-GT (M) White

LA7-DS (M) No bag or spec

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