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  1. o ya i just saw it has the interior hood pattern lol (and j14 has none :facepalm:)
  2. just wash your gtx according to tag instructions and never wear it against bare skin if you don't want delam, it's not rocket science. also the inside-out jacket is j14-px
  3. Only one good jacket and pant this upcoming season, hope exclusives knock it out the park lol
  4. Long answer: Embrace the spikes and removable sleeves Short answer: yes lol
  5. These are their best shorts yet, TensionZip feels like it was born to be used with M fabric.
  6. p17 def got smaller (by 5 cm on the inseam) from its ss14 stotz sibling anyone here pick up j104-gtpl and wanna share their thoughts with the class? :3
  7. Lmao nah copy always has at least one error (SP38-M’s desc. lists it as SP38-E)
  8. happy birthday @daniel
  9. EX...hmmm what could it mean
  10. nah lenny just been squatting 3 plates
  11. WTS: FW20 J79TS-GT size S 7 pockets, infinite carrying possibilities. J79 features a snorkel overlap zip hood (iterated on further with J93-GTPL and J113-SD), tec sys webbing for 3rd Arm mods, and an extremely satisfying silhouette with just as many wearing options as there are storage paths (pictured below). $old thanks for playing! free worldwide shipping. Bag and spec sheet included. Second owner. Always washed with Grangers. Immaculate condition for a 3.5+ year old jacket. Alternatively, WTT for size S J120K-GT or J120-GTPL. Floor pics don't do this jacket justice. Experiencing is believing.
  12. skirt lit shorts lit
  13. buying more camera gear scoop these for $old with free worldwide shipping (crowd oohs and ahs)
  14. for the love of god stop sizing down actually yall got it
  15. farming sufu rep formula: 1. size down 2. complain it's not fitting right (damn wonder why?) 3. ??? 4. profit
  16. oh they had j1wb on display nice lol
  17. price drop to $600 USD + free shipping worldwide-wide-wide
  18. Achieve your DeepPocket Dreæms with P16A, the progenitor of P32, accompanied by the silk smooth handfeel of CH 3XDRY. For the size Small boys, yours for $750 obo. Items shown are to illustrate depth, capacity, and ideal urban commute EDC possibilities (of which there are many). Includes spec sheet, bag. You’ll pay for shipping (stateside/international/tesseract dimension).
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