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  1. oh they had j1wb on display nice lol
  2. price drop to $600 USD + free shipping worldwide-wide-wide
  3. new sling design whack
  4. Achieve your DeepPocket Dreæms with P16A, the progenitor of P32, accompanied by the silk smooth handfeel of CH 3XDRY. For the size Small boys, yours for $750 obo. Items shown are to illustrate depth, capacity, and ideal urban commute EDC possibilities (of which there are many). Includes spec sheet, bag. You’ll pay for shipping (stateside/international/tesseract dimension).
  5. idk looks different to me
  6. wts: black p44-ds xs $1050 gifted shipping included if stateside, intl shipping will cost ya extra
  7. keys (apartment key fob is tap to access) more than one tap-to-pay card in wallet = card reader getting angry so i've stopped doing that
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