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Shoes that look better with age...


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Speaking of PF Flyers, anyone have thoughts on the made in the USA ones?

I noticed my trusty 70's Converse are finally starting to go a bit, might be time for a new black hightop shoe.

The only thing I don't really like is the outward facing logo, I'm used to the inside ones on Converse.

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Speaking of PF Flyers, anyone have thoughts on the made in the USA ones?

I noticed my trusty 70's Converse are finally starting to go a bit, might be time for a new black hightop shoe.

The only thing I don't really like is the outward facing logo, I'm used to the inside ones on Converse.


I've got both, and I prefer the PF Flyers hands down, but your mileage may very. They have pigskin leather lining, and a leather toe cap as well. And a New Balance-y insole which is very comfortable.


I've been fighting the urge to grab a second pair, but I probably will eventually.


However they are little less streamlined and possibly beefier but still quite a low profile shoe.



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The Jack Purcell sneaker was originally designed for B.F.Goodrich, the first company to use the 'PF' technology, this was in the mid 30's. In '37 the technology proved so popular that it formed it's own brand, PF Flyers. Jack Purcell sneakers were being produced by PF Flyers from here on.

It was not until the 70's when Converse bought PF Flyers that they acquired the Jack Purcell production rights. The companies had to demerge due to an unfair market share but with this Converse kept the Purcell licensing, hence why we now see Converse producing sneakers with the signature Purcell smiley and autograph.

The reason those PF Flyers look like a Jack Purcell is because they're meant to.

Woah, excellent thanks for this post didn't know any of this

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I prefer sneakers to boots in summer, and these are my favourite, buckweat.

They are already out of production for 10 or more years but I really like them.

made in usa (later made in korea I think), vulcanized sole, low and sharp toe, old sneaker look, etc...

I also have white and brown in colour with slightly different spec. I will take photos later.













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Man I dig those @Kameidaclub!


But they are insanely rare! I couldn't find anything on web. No images, nothing under "vintage Buckwheat shoes", nothing under "Buckwheat Rubber Company", nothing, nada, zip, zero! 


And your pair is definitely "New old stock" an/or "Dead stock". Where on earth did you find them? 


I already wanted a pair just looking at your great photos. But now that I know they're ultra-rare and "vintage" I've just gotta' have a pair!

*(my vintage t-shirt collection here)


I'm dying to know where you got them! Did you have them chillin' in a box at the back of your closet for the last ten years or was this a recent score? 


The jealous face -->  :blink:

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Yuketen sneakermocs came in the mail today, and I'm very pleased!

The profile is pretty interesting, I feel like the name pretty much sums up what they were going for.

These feel very substantial and they have a nice bit of arch support which is great with my flat feet.

Went with an 11.5, could've probably gone with a 12 but should form to my feet a good bit.

Only thing that's kinda weird is how long the shoestrings are, might cut them off at some point.
Also they came with the coolest shoe bags I've ever seen. I want a rug or blanket made from this fabric.





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Yes they are very rare or otherwise the company itself is already gone.

What I know for sure is that they are established around 2000 in usa and later moved to korea, and they offer the reproduction of keds speedarch model (both hi-cut and lo-cut).

And I have no doubt about the quality and durability!

I have worn the same pair and pf flyers center hi (probably made in china) at the same time for comparison.

Though the sole of pf flyers was broken and I threw them away few years ago, buckweat are still soft and elastic.

So I decided to stock some for the future. I pick them up when I find through yahoo auction or rakuten. currently looking for lo-cut model.








only difference I found was the stitch on the foxing tape. black has the stitch, but not for brown and white. 


There are also many repro of vintage sneakers offered by variety of companies. hope you find your favourite pairs.


btw, I like your T-shirt blog :D

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That's kinda like me with vintage leather jackets. Over the years any time I would come across a really nice fitting vintage leather jacket I would buy it and and it to my collection. It's pretty nice to have 5-6 options to choice from on leather jackets when I open my closet. It's all about the fit and the cut. Plenty of old jackets out there but not too many that fit really well and have a cut that works in 2015.


Thanks for all the info on the Buckwheat sneakers. I'm gonna keep my eye out for a pair in black. Really dig em!

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Worn, apologies for going off topic but that 1985 WASP tee in your blog is all kinds of good. They're always a band I've got time for. Lawless's vocals are still amazing after all these years.

Thanks Unders! 


I agree! Blackie kicked ass back in the day. Glad you enjoyed the blog.


I guess we'll have to get back on topic now or we're liable to get neg repped  :P

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Picked up a pair of Iron Rangers on Amazon Prime day (saved $90).  I measure a 10D on a brannock, but most of my boots and dress shoes are 10.5-11, and I think getting these in a 10D was the right choice.  These things are beasts!!
Noticed some weird stitching on the sole, particularly that one section that sticks out from the sole --  should be concerned?  I understand that if the outer loops wear down, it doesn't necessarily affect the integrity of the chain, but I could use some reassurance as I'd like to avoid doing any returns in the mail if I can.  See pic in the spoiler below:



Can anyone recommend a good care regimen for roughout leather?  I've read varying things: should I bother treating them with anything ahead of time, or just give them a good oiling/dubbin every so often?  Thanks for any advice!

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Shameless Plug:

Hey SuFu BootHeads!

I don't usually do [this], but I'm so excited & I'll just explode if I hold it in any longer ;)

Styleforum is currently conducting a Viberg GMTO__ an activity FOK does 2-3x a year. This round he's going to have a very interesting Engineer Tobacco Chamois on 2005 x Cat's Paw heels+half soles, called the HOPPER on the pre-sale block.

The highlight of this fab make up is leather itself. Nice weight for an engineer's__ similar thickness & density as Horween CXL used by Viberg w/ less stretch factor, as per FOK.

I've been more of a lace-up kinda guy ... just cuz I like the feeling of being comfortably snug&secured down there ... Plus, I don't think I got steeze to pull off an engineer's.

FOK had quite a few unique, tastefully stylish make-ups, to date, eg, [personal fave] "Tan Bison Scout" on white Mini Ripple soles__ too bad they were on 2030 last, w/c is too sleek for my fEEt.

Thankfully, comes the HOPPER! I don't want to regret passing up this fabulous make up, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is ..... Pre-sale will commence sometime next week. Will keep you guys posted__ if interested.

Here's a mock-up of the HOPPER make up proposed by StickyDonk:


Tobacco Chamois sample, captured @Brett_Viberg IG



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