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  1. Thanks for the input. Yeah I agree a hem would clean up the fit but it's too late for me, these are stuck at their full length. It would break my heart to cut off the factory hem at this point.
  2. Love my 103s, honestly too big for me but whatever. Sloppy fit doesn't bother me too much.
  3. SD-103s, 1.5ish years wear.
  4. Wore my SDAs on memorial day, went to the beach with the GF.
  5. SG hoodie FC 1101
  6. I bought my FC 1101 from Pirates, had Yuichi order me a raw pair and hem them. They were at my door in a week or so. Was a great experience.
  7. Had my last real undergrad chemistry lab yesterday, last few are just open glassworking hours and equipment checkout so I'm taking a lazy morning. Pendleton SDA Quoddy
  8. FC 1101
  9. Bouncy house Pasty white skin 100oz drink Levi's cutoffs
  10. Agree with MF. On my pair the denim stayed dark/raw looking forever.
  11. Thanks SM, I probably should have sized down but I am happy with how the fit turned out.
  12. Yeah 1101s
  13. My size 33 SD-103s have a 10" rise and a 12.5" thigh. They have had many washes and a few dries, but haven't been washed in a couple weeks.