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WAYWT destroyed my life (2012)


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Burglyfe is taken to a new level.

Speaking of burgs, went to The Counter in west Hollywood today because it was convenient and Akon totally sat at the table next to me. Blackest black guy ever with his big black body guard burgin', while he got his car hand washed across the street.

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^ did you get the chicks name on the right homi, j/w? i love those calves

Unfortunately I was not in game spittin mode but she wasnt even top 5 at the party. There was some 'i like art' type hoes there that were very cute, very rare.

I'd bet the guy behind you carrying the helmet(s) rides a vespa

Probably. Art show goers generally have poor swag and wear too many non-descript 'semi-fashionable' lines like dunderdon, acne and surface 2 air.

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