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  1. have been out of sufu for awhile but trying to get an invite back to this? can anyone help me out
  2. well i figure if i holla on instagram it could go wrong because she has a fuckload of followers so itll probably get swallowed up
  3. met a mega babe outside whole foods a few days ago.. didnt ask for her number because im retarded but she did find me on instagram. how to proceed?
  4. open to any recommendations really...
  5. gucci mane 4 president
  6. need some new spots to eat.. suggestions?preferably anything under 20th street to soho or spots in willyburg
  7. got a useless fine arts degree a year ago that is impossible to get a decent paying job with in the field. currently have the scummiest job on the planet herding models to vip events and clubs and having scummy rich guys spend retarded amounts of money on alcohol to try to impress them (haven't seen it work yet). really want to get into more solid event planning but can't really figure out the way to go about it, pretty bored of my current situation even though it more then pays for the bills and has its occasion perks.
  8. money doesnt equal hot bitches everyone knows that
  9. holla @ me if youre ever in nyc for ++++ bottles
  10. i really need a fucking job
  11. w/e