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Shoes that look better with age...


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Impressive boots on this page!



This. Personally, I injured my toes in kickboxing some years ago, and have arthritis in a few of those toes, and the crepe soles on my RW 875s give enough cushion to prevent any pain in my toes. I can't say the same thing about thinner soles.


I'd imagine crepe soles are better for your lower back than heels too; maybe someone has experience with that.


The same here or similar at least, I've got arthritis too, both my ankles.


I used to wear sneakers and lower quality shoes. It used to hurt after walking 30 to 60 minutes even when constantly wearing orthopedic soles. Now I mostly wear Redwings (877 for the past 8 months and 8113 recently) and most of the symptoms are gone. I went through winter with a pair of 877 in Montreal, walked hours in the sloppy streets of SF and my ankles were quite alright.

Pros and cons confirmed: comfy and seems to give cushion. But they wear out fast and are quite slippery on ice.


Here are the 877s:





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thanks for that Ray!

I already used some citric acid solution with a low pH (around 1,5) do neutralize the caustic soda stain...and after work I will apply some Mustang Paste.


edit: and thanks to you Hoggy!


I read that leather is usually acidic and gets more and more alkaline over time and the leather suffers from that (gets brittle and stuff)...so caustic soda should catalyse that process  -_-

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I'm having a custom Oxford shoe made by William Lennon at the moment.

Triple leather sole, internal lining, still need to make up my mind on which kind of leather, they suggested their own pull up leather.

They suggested me two different lasts..

Army last:


Hills shoe last:


I'll go bold (and clown!) with the hill shoe last. Very excited about this!

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I like to get my pairs slighty on the larger side and then wear an insole, works better for me. I could fit on a 9.5 G but I'll get a 10F same as I do with Trickers and RW. I am confident it will work nicely. I love to curl my toes on that extra bit of space available!

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^^ Hoggy's right__ Go TTS as Trickers 4497 on the length ... & yeah, only G-width.

If I can do it over, I'd go unstructured toe, or at least, a partial. Sizing right on WL is very crucial. Stretching the vamp is not an option ... at least, not on my "Tug Of War" on thick ass Waxed Reverse Kip leather. Also, toes seemed to be double-reinforced cuz they were really stiff.

1st time was like slipping into a pair of Chinese "Lotus Shoes"

Btw, mine were also triple leather soles, but opted on rubber half sole topys.





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Just got my White's natural CXL nomads back from Baker's. Resoled with Dr Sole raw cord sole and heel, shaft narrowed by 2 inches. Pretty happy with the job although they took an age to do the work.

Before (few months before they were sent):







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Got my Nick's today. Olive chromepak.



O man those are killer!


Once those are properly broken in after a couple years they will look amazing.

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No problem Hoggy.


Here you go:








Nothing much to write about since it still looks pretty much the same as when I first slip into the boots except for more scratch around the front which is pretty normal with use.

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They look great Fre-co. I think when I have the shafts narrowed on mine I'll take them in 2-2 1/2" total. One looks good, but I prefer a narrower shaft.

Rushed typing. It is 2" narrower at the top. I wouldn't go much more than that personally. I would struggle to get my feet in...

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