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  1. Dawson Denim

    @Foxy2 I tried but for some reason I can’t save it with that change in the text. Your jeans look great btw! @PaulT thanks for helping with the pics.
  2. Dawson Denim

    Here’s my USN shawl neck or deck jumper. The denim is really nice and crisp at first, then it softens up and becomes even better. Amazing fabric. The little details like the kasuri lined pockets and the fact that it’s all made by hand on old Union machines makes this quite special. I’m also eyeing up their wabash jacket and the new tapered fit. If anyone has pics of those, I’d love to see them. [edit: I've tried to add the same html to the pictures below but I can't seem to save the changes for some reason - the links still work though] https://s18.postimg.org/9sqjtuw89/A36292_E2-2_A6_B-4_B37-_A130-7705654928_B8.jpg[/IMG] https://s18.postimg.org/xwhbi99l5/0_E4_D1_BA1-5_DE1-4_C38-_BFD4-_F15197255405.jpg[/IMG] https://s18.postimg.org/xwhbi9hax/0_AC41217-0716-48_F5-_B56_E-74937_F07_D20_A.jpg[/IMG] https://s18.postimg.org/7besmpmnd/B9_F998_A3-50_FB-4_E39-8_F60-161_B87972905.jpg[/IMG]
  3. Dawson Denim

    @Foxy2 I can’t seem to see the pictures - or is it just me [?] edit: sorry, seems to be working now.
  4. Watches and Denim

    The best thing about Panerai for me is the choice of straps. My wrist just can’t do the 44-47mm cases - and the smaller ones just don’t look ‘right’ to me. Now if I looked like Stallone, it would be different altogether...
  5. Watches and Denim

    On Hamilton - I really like them. I prefer their khaki designs, especially the non date, over similar priced seikos. Yes it’s part of a bigger conglomerate - but that’s just the reality of the watch buisiness. At least they use their scale to deliver good value to customer (khaki models can be had retail for £250ish), other companies use the same scale to push up margins and pretend they make ‘luxury’. So overall good value I think.
  6. Tender Co. Denim

    Yes some interesting new jeans varieties and some new shirts have been popping up on Instagram really like the new shirt fabrics.
  7. Watches and Denim

    All this grand seiko talk reminded me HODINKEE made some great videos about the manufacturing process. Some of you might already have seen this but well worth a ‘watch’:
  8. Watches and Denim

    @Maynard Friedman I can recommend toshi straps. Very well made. @aho I really like vintage grand seiko - but isn’t there something about seiko no keeping parts after a certain number of years (20 or so)? That’s the only thing that would worry me but then again, I’m sure a good watch maker could figure something out.
  9. Watches and Denim

    It feels like a potential gap in the thread so far is vintage tudors. Any love for those? Here’s a pic of my 079090. I really like the mix of tritium with mat dial and acrylic. Basically the closest thing I could get to a vintage sub. (if anyone is curious, I’m wearing a Dawson denim jacket and tender co jumper).
  10. Hiut Denim

    This inspired me to capture my Hiuts (hackr) after about two winters of wear and two soaks. Really enjoy the fit and the denim is showing really lovely ‘hues’.
  11. Tender Co. Denim

    Here’s another update on my 129s. Really loving the colours that are coming out - incl. the lovely marbling. I’ve done several repairs to these - mostly because I enjoy it. Surprisingly, the crotch area is fine. Maybe the result of the forward folded hem (?) - or maybe just because it’s nice and roomy around the thighs. But I’ve done some hand repairs to the buttonhole, yoke and “snubs thumb pocket” - so that explains the differences in the thread colours.
  12. Watches and Denim

    @JDelage I love Damasko. I used to have a da36. The most impressive aspect for me was the ice-hardened case. Amazing stuff - especially given that Damasko is a small family operated brand. Great buy!
  13. Watches and Denim

    Here’s my favourite watch that I have. It easily has the worst movement of any watch I’ve ever owned (possibly even seen/handled). The breguet font is lovely but the execution is pretty terrible as well. I also didn’t use to like the engraving on the dial. But - it’s my grandad’s old watch - so it’s one of the watches I wear the most. So my favourite watch (oh and some lmc in the background)
  14. Watches and Denim

    @Denimstoyevsky assuming you get a vintage watch in good condition, you’d have to do as much/little maintenance as a new watch. Vintage movements are typically just as robust. I’ve had some vintage watches for 10 years and they are still running well - they probably weren’t serviced for some time before I bought them as well. A normal service is also not too expensive £75-125 - so the cost per year is very reasonable. Having said that, you definitely need to do more research and vintage watches don’t tend to be as waterproof. On waterproofness though, I’d say unless your watch has been serviced and it’s seals have been changed in the last 1/2 years I wouldn’t risk getting close to water anyway - even with newer watches.
  15. Watches and Denim

    @volvo240thebest like @aho said, stowa and Laco are great brands and both original producers of the German Flieger watches. Might be difficult to find the stowa for the price you’re looking for but the Laco is very doable. The only thing is they both wear very large even the 40mm versions. They’re probably comparable to a 44 diver watch. Other brands to check out would be tissel, Archimede and orient (flight). Just consider whether you want a manual or auto - personally I like winding my watches and prefer the thinner dimensions of the manual versions.