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WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]


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Great first page for the new year! Seems like the forum’s been less active over the past couple months; glad to set things maybe picking back up a bit

@Hopethisoneisnttaken, any impressions on those jeans? I’ve been interested in trying out MOTO clothes since I like their shoes so much, but never been sure how well that would transfer / whether they’re even made in the same facilities / etc.

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@julian-wolf I have few items from Moto/r right now. These jeans, a t shirt and the sports leather jacket and two pairs of socks, all of which I’m extremely happy with. Since they are all relatively new(shirt is one year old, the jacket I started wearing in Late November and the jeans as well)I can’t give an accurate assessment of the quality, but the attention to details is definitely there. Also, Moto offers a type of aesthetics that is pretty rare with other brands in this heritage/workwear/whatever you call it style. These jeans are their old baggy jeans(they also have a 40s version). They are the widest pair of pants I own. They are a little bit tapered but still wide enough to fit RW peco boots(that have a pretty wide shaft). All in all, they are probably the weirdest jeans I own in terms of cut, and it took some courage for me to wear them at first. With that being said, they are now for sure my favorite pair of jeans, and I can’t wait for the tcb contest to be over so I will be able to wear these properly. 

also, is it time to open a Moto thread? I’m not even sure of the differences in the brands name haha. 

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@Hopethisoneisnttaken Thanks for the impressions—looking forward to seeing how everything ages!

I’ve never been sure about the various names either…I guess Motoike himself is the common factor among the sub-brands, but I’ve no idea what makes a good thread title

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