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  1. Even more reason to buy the Iron Heart, then. Unsure as to why they'd pick this bone in the first place knowing they'd be charging more hahah. Buying USA-made is nice, especially if you live here, to support a local artisan(s) and economy, but that isn't realistic if you're on a budget or want a specific garment.
  2. Agreed. Criticism is fair sometimes, but I don't think specifically telling people to buy American-made is fair. Most of the Japanese garments I own are much more well-made than the made-in-USA ones.
  3. Howdy denim people, Selling these (japan exclusive?) Warehouse DD 1004xx. Worn quite a few times but still a lot of life left. Measurements: Waist - 15" Rise - 14.50" hem - 30.5" $160 shipped Also selling my Blacksign "BS DENIM PANTS WIDE STRAIGHT - 14OZ INDIGO" denim. Shed a lot of winter weight so they don't fit in the waist unfortunately. Had them hemmed a bit by a chainstitch machine by Blue Owl Workshop. Tub soaked and only worn twice. Measurements: Waist - 16" Rise - 15" Hem - 29.25" $225 - SOLD
  4. Such a good label. Too bad my ecru mechanic overalls don't fit me anymore!!
  5. That vest is beautiful. Can't say I'd find myself wearing it too often, though. I think I'll have to pass on trying to get that!
  6. Actually haven't had the time yet. Going on a vacation so tying up some loose ends. Will try when I come back to the states, though!
  7. Sized one size too big on these Black Sign jeans. Went for a 34 when I needed a 32. Worn once and tub washed once. Some indigo bleeding. Hemmed to a 30" and has a 32" waist. Kind of a stretch but I'm looking to trade for a size smaller - or I'll sell and eat the cost for a size smaller.
  8. Already combed through unfortunately! Nothing in my size hahah
  9. Anyone know the best place to get their chinos? Been wanting a nice wide fit chino and I've been recommended At Last a bunch of time. Haven't found their stuff online anywhere in stock, though.
  10. Those are great as well - was just looking for a five pocket (maybe with a buckle back) to fit the bill.
  11. Room in the thighs, high waist, little to no taper. Thanks - I'll look into those. Is there a recommended online store?
  12. Hey friends - I want to try some Freewheelers denim and am looking for a straight / wide fit jean. What model is recommended? Thanks!
  13. I see - several websites have different photos for the 1001xx making them look tapered on some and others a wide, straight leg. Social media! Will do! Thanks
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