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Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.


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On 8/7/2020 at 9:11 PM, Broark said:

Interesting, when I've tried to buy previously from Junky Style they've told me outright no international orders.
That's been a little while now, so maybe things have changed?

The Junky staff do some hilarious posing on their Instagram in their new arrival stock.  

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My Mrs still has a shitload of the early '69-71 redlines, most of which are 'mint on card' as the collectors' say. These were found in her loft, and they are very rare with all the accessories and stickers (decals). Apparently her father bought them before she was born, hoping obviously for a son, but alas, they were stored and never got played with .. B)

When l (we) located them, l had to go find a book (this was pre internet) and learn about Hotwheels proper. I'm aware now that they are worth a small fortune as and will not post pics of them because they are not mine, but l can tell you the likelihood of a swimming pool in our retirement villa in Weston-super Mare is going to plan.  

But as soon as found out about Redlines, l couldn't help but chuckle about the absurdity of it all.

Oh me and my stories, eh ..?


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14 minutes ago, julian-wolf said:

It's that time of year: California's on fire again

(photo sent by a friend, taken this afternoon near the farm I work for)

Same here in Colorado. Currently have the second largest fire burning ever recorded in state, only seven percent contained. The others are smaller so far, but with even less containment. Pretty sad.

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1 hour ago, julian-wolf said:


It's that time of year: California's on fire again

(photo sent by a friend, taken this afternoon near the farm I work for)

Fires in WA and OR as usual too, but not as bad as it had been the last few years when huge swaths of WA were choked with smoke. Tho I guess there is still time for that to happen.

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^ yep. Colorado is on fire again. The Grizzly Creek fire is about 15 miles west of me. Several areas evacuated, a few more on pre-evac notice. Smoke has been so bad on some days visibility at times is maybe a couple miles at best. Ash falling. Smoke has been blown in the mid-west. Vegetation has been burned away on the cliffs, and boulder are falling, smashing the I-70 freeway. And, this is just one of several. 






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@mpukas Here in NM we’ve got a few raging as well. I work for the forest service and, we just hit our highest level of nationwide readiness. Between the FS and the other land management agencies, over 15k fire fighters have been deployed. More I’m sure since our briefing on Monday. 

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@mpukas wow, crazy! I guess even after things are under control fire wise, it’ll be a bit before 70 opens up due to the damage to it. We’re in Longmont, so while none of the fires are near us, the smoke definitely is. I can smell it inside even.

The Cameron Peak fire hits close to home despite the distance. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the area over the years hiking and running. It’s sad to see an area I love burn. But I do like doing trail work, so it’ll be rewarding to hopefully have some part in clearing all the fallen trees and rebuilding.

@SuperJackle thanks for your service. 
@el padre thank you.

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Ive done a fair bit...

This was a old quarry where i camped with the boy to escape the wind after a days hike


...By night


Puff balls


Amethyst Deceiver


Burbage Valley (Peak District)


...Burbage Valley during The Beast from the East, the worst snow storm we've had in a generation, i couldn't waste it so i solo camped during 80mph winds and sub-zero temps..




This^ tent got trampled by cows one night while the boy and i slept


Cooking snow for dinner


Making a Dakota oven to cook a fish we caught on handlines


Nettle tea, nettles taste great eaten warm... you can simply waft them through the fire to burn off the stingers


Tooth paste we made from wild mint when we forgot the Colgate


The replacement Snow Peak tent more civilised car camping



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