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  1. I second 2nd. You’ll have to use google translate to communicate unless you speak Japanese, they do not speak English (or at best, very broken).
  2. andrewrose

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    As seen on eBay. Not affiliated, just happened to see. One of the test lots? Only at 16.50 right now with ~3 days left. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Roy-Oakland-Self-Edge-Big-Bro-Fade-11oz-CB1-Raw-Selvedge-Cinchback-Jeans-36/362721550606?hash=item5473e3a10e:g:6lsAAOSwgn1dTK3R
  3. andrewrose

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    I just got a pair of the Mafate evo 2. Pretty cool shoe. First run was a route I do at least once a year, and set prs all around, round trip was 45 min faster than last year. Uppers are woven Kevlar, so should wear well and are impossible to get wet, though my socks did inside from the bit of runoff encountered here and there. Anyway, if anyone runs trails, I found them pretty darn good. I’ve found some of their other models to be too narrow, but these are wider. Photo from run.
  4. andrewrose

    Skull Jeans by An Alchemist

    I know as previously discussed, Skull is not really in high regard anymore for a number of reasons, but I really like these 5507xx. One of my favorite fitting pairs. At 113 days, one hot soak, one wash. Coming along nicely.