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WAYWT 2019 [denim edition]


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2 hours ago, Double 0 Soul said:

I saw a husky in the park recently wearing 2 pairs of shoes... the poor thing looked so embarrassed and i'm not surprised, they wern't even Goodyear welted.

Selvedge jeans and welted booties for dogs?

Hmmm, I smell a sub-brand...The Ruff Stuff...

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23 minutes ago, pudaspriest said:

This still makes me do a double take. It is shocking to me how common this dog strollers are...

The bag too, and also the backpacks that look like a Pokeball. :P

My mutt is old and has a bum knee now, so he might have an excuse to beg for a stroller! 

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The pokeball backpacks are the best! I actually have a more normal pet backpack to carry my cat to the vet since it is kind of a long walk so I sort of understand the bag thing! Just find it funny how common it is, so different from where I was living before. :D

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In my old stomping ground of Kings Heath just outside Birmingham there’s a chap who traverses the high street with a monkey in stroller. Next level accessorising. The monkey’s a stuffed toy, but let’s not get bogged down in the detail  

I reckon @Geeman knows the dude I’m on about. 

Well off topic here.

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1 hour ago, oomslokop said:

this was actually at a faux english pub in jakarta. thought to take a pic since i had on me 4x made in britain stuff.



3x tender (belt no viz)

cheaney cairngorm

(not very happy bcuz yorkshire pudding was a bit burnt)

Nice outfit! Are those the Oxford cinch pants?

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The dreaded public bathroom mirror selfie. Had to. A rare WAYW pic from me, as I put on some nice boots for a holiday party. 

  • TFH F-DS101 wabash western, smartly accessorized w/ cheapo cheaters 
  • TSG v-neck tee 
  • TFH 3202 20oz
  • Grant Stone Diesel Boot Dune CXL


Once I get my swole back, I won't be able to fit into the shirt or jeans. I'm pretty thin for me atm, and I can barely fit into the shirt sleeves and it's very tight across the upper back and chest. 

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1 hour ago, RawAsDenim said:

Hanging out in Lake Tahoe for the weekend so..

Jacket: Strike Gold SGJ50S

Hoodie: American Apparel 

Denim: Samurai s710xx 19oz

Shoes: Adidas Trail Chukka 

Gloves: Hestra Deerskin Lined



Where did you get the jacket?

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