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WAYWT 2019 [denim edition]


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@mlwdp yeah it is some sort of sub collection from Jelado that makes some interesting pieces. These pants are apparently based on a pair from the 1880s. Interesting one piece leg design with no outseam done up in indigo dyed canvas. They are super wide in the leg but I am finding that fun. 



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Jacket: Iron Heart Rider Jacket

Hoodie: HUF

Denim: Naked and Famous Super Saiyan Selvedge

Shoes: Adidas Ultra Boost


The new Roy’s werent quite what I wanted at the Self Edge party but I copped one of my grail jackets that I’ve had my eyes on for almost 10 years lol shout out  @self edge for the great party on Saturday and this sweet jacket!




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5 hours ago, jigsaw said:

Jake this jacket do your proportion right! best fit overall so far

Thanks! At first, I was hesitant to buy two of the same jacket in different colors, but the black Mulholland fit me so well I just really wanted to get the brown one and I am quite glad I did. It's not just the basic measurements, but the way the jacket is cut overall that I think makes it work for me.

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