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  1. Fixed contestants list: Volvo240thebest (Italy) - confirmed W36- L81cm Nycsurfer530 (Usa) - confirmed Heavydoom (Canada) - confirmed Aho (Usa) - option Foxy (Germany/Russia) - confirmed Propellerbeanie (Australia) - option (no suspender buttons) Mandel9000 (Norway) - W30-L79 (no suspender buttons) Bartlebyyphonics (Belgium?) - option Bobbo (Sweden) - confirmed Frost (Germany) - option W31- L79cm Gardengnomesinspace (Usa) - confirmed W36-L79cm Jigsaw (Indonesia) - confirmed W33-L79 cm Milehighevertonian (Usa) - confirmed W36-L84cm (no suspender buttons) Capsicum Fired Meat (China) - confirmed W33-L70 Not too tight (Usa) - confirmed size TBA
  2. Two cats brand CP
  3. Im down with Blue or White body tees
  4. Did you help the design for the patch volvo?
  5. Volvo count me in for size 33 / 31"
  6. Not a bad taste in my book but i never wear those Gitman V shirt for sure
  7. My 6 Year Alden Cxl Pittboots
  8. TCB

    Are we still caring on where the fade should be? just wear them.
  9. awww gad........
  10. TCB

    The 50s one of my fav denim and cut, coming thru a year with approx wear of 90 days
  11. Any news? ground control to Jared.....
  12. Is that your boyfriend?
  13. A while back and im lovin the arc support on these
  14. She do remind of me back in the day with the same similar posting....i knew it was her...heyy welcome back