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  1. A while back and im lovin the arc support on these
  2. She do remind of me back in the day with the same similar posting....i knew it was her...heyy welcome back
  3. I do agree with some points but $500-$1200 boots are sometimes to pretty and to exotic for that kind of labour anyway and we all here mostly for the same reasons, curiosity for the materials it used, built and aesthetic ofcourse. I just think some peoples do take it too mainstream and "annoyed" us in some view if that make any sense.
  4. From the look of the buttons fly its the old 21oz and from the hem width and rise it could be the 425 or 424 (correct me if im wrong)
  5. Backwood look so simple and plain yet so many intresting things goin on, no hustle,no bustle, no BS. I might give it go
  6. Rising Sun henley Redcloud N1 Deck Nigel Cabourn Yuketen
  7. What volvo just said the Recloud Hongkong shop had just closed for good as Raymon told me the owner got so busy that he rarely open the shop and the best decision is to stop the operation. But you should check again with them as they could be doing a large clearence sale to finish the current stock.
  8. Yuketen x Epaulets 2011
  9. TCB

    what a badass jacket Volvo, bravo
  10. last week got the chance to visit Redcloud main store in Shenyang and view some of their upcoming stuff in their office Some of the vintage machinery
  11. try to visit their shop in Hangzhou last week but i think I'm in a bad timing as they already closed for Chinese new year and they look pretty nice...
  12. Love the 20s fit on Mandel, looks comfy
  13. Guys i might have a cool feed for this tour if i can get them in January
  14. They said it will be available again around December.
  15. lets do it then