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  1. Today is our independence day that mean extra rest day and spend it rightly
  2. Having coffee at titik temu seminyak (just ok coffee) and lunch at Deusexmachina in Canggu Honestly im not forcing myself to wear the jeans in this heat but it just comfortable and im really ok with it. 29 degree celcius today with a cool breeze from Australia and im good
  3. Xpost from Tcb 20s tour
  4. Back to nature need to adjust the back cinch to fit me Front pocket sticthing start to unravel Beautiful twist
  5. Then we do what the local do grill them pig on a open fireee *caution disturbing pic for some the next day we headed to Ubud and ubud market found a few coffee spot
  6. Season them with salt in the air Passing through the busy tourist Legian street to get to our anticipated lunch spot of a balinese famous babi explosion of flavor in this plate Chillin after a double portion lunch a few shot of the seminyak road The next morning we are heading to Nusa Penida island ,but first... Lunch before the boat ride Arrive at the beach Bath them with hot bali Sun! And i do not plan to sea wash them on this leg but i did a skin-dipping on them a bit View from the nusa penida i tried to wear them as much but we all know its not the proper attire in this situation but i personally think they are versatile enough to be worn daily in this tropic weather, so roomy And the weight is perfect
  7. wore them for 10 hours today ,take them to work place and run some errands and weirdly i feel it stretch a bit on me as i didnt feel any excessive pinch on my belly today i will be "seasoning" the jeans tomorrow and hopefully wear them thru the weekend, stay tuned!
  8. where is everybody?
  9. soo comfy, could be my everyday jeans. memphis cotton im quite impress.
  10. Successfull handover indeed, the place was recommended by Felix earlier as i never been to this coffee shop before and ofcourse i sample a couple cup of coffee using local indonesian beans and then followed by a conversation over the latest news over the denim-verse. and then he handed me the WT jeans soon after first impression, full of details! I love it! first sight, quite light in color of course due to the frequent washing. ( picture dont do justice as it was shot indoor with yellowish light) hand feel, doesn't feel much , again maybe due to frequent washing the texture might became dull . tried them asap after inspecting the jeans thoroughly and as i predicted the jeans is one size too small for me , i can button them all up but man the top button squish my lower belly uncomfortably yet i love how this jeans fit me, the upper thigh area , the crotch is so unrestricted , this cut is definitely my cup of tea. I'll try to get a more better pic with natural lighting to show the real color. Cheers
  11. We'll do the handover this weekend, quite excited to see how the pair had developed. hopefully it'll fit me fine to commit wearing them a the whole month.
  12. I think what ironheartfan123 means is that the "jacked bicep look" dont give us the proper proportion on the overall fit or look on the garments and i honestly prefer you @youngofthesoonest or eugene in this case to be the model in this case
  13. surprisingly i enjoyed it! nice
  14. The fewer the merrier, cant wait to start!
  15. I adding the length a lil bit to compansate the shrink and i'm all FIX with the suspender button and other goodness. thats my final @volvo240thebest