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  1. Yuketen x Epaulets 2011
  2. TCB

    what a badass jacket Volvo, bravo
  3. last week got the chance to visit Redcloud main store in Shenyang and view some of their upcoming stuff in their office Some of the vintage machinery
  4. try to visit their shop in Hangzhou last week but i think I'm in a bad timing as they already closed for Chinese new year and they look pretty nice...
  5. Love the 20s fit on Mandel, looks comfy
  6. Guys i might have a cool feed for this tour if i can get them in January
  7. They said it will be available again around December.
  8. lets do it then
  9. is that the WWII pair flash? awesome details!
  10. TCB

    the waistband definately a different material or they could done it on purposed for details?
  11. TCB

    Im a size 33 also and get size 34 the seaman trousers as they dont make any in sz 33. agreed with iron horse they fairly big and i need a belt to hold them off, upsize is the wise choice than a too snug fit for this pants, you're looking for anti fit anyway.
  12. Lols!! Ed would be pleased........................https://instagram.com/p/BKCAv1EgK6K/
  13. OOO Yea... super nice ride foxy, keep the feed coming.
  14. TCB

    love the feel on this 50s
  15. @bobbo The fading phase i love the most,when you know you finally break them from solid indigo colour.