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WAYWT 2019 [denim edition]


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5 hours ago, SmokeStackLightning said:

Thanks dude. 

Runs big and don't pay full price. But I have had it for around 10 days and have worn it at some point for 8 of those 10 days. It's very warm and cozy.

It really ties the outfit together.

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On 11/16/2019 at 1:33 AM, JDelage said:

@louisbosco - what M-65 is that? IH? I wouldn't mind a few detailed pics...

i'm not sure what the model number is because at the time when i bought it, it was a japan domestic release only. i've posted it over on the IH forum before under another model number that was similar (i think) but i can't seem to find it. there's only a couple i know of that went out of japan, mine (when i bought it in japan) and one of my mate's graeme (not sure how he got his) pics over in IH thread here on sufu..


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@Broark Damn bruh you're game is grail status. Never ever been lacking, but now it's other level. JF look great - it's amazing how a a great pair of boots can make a great outfit look even better, and the lack of good footwear can have the exact opposite effect. 

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