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  1. yea also what's with that KILLER indigo SS shirt he teased?
  2. Who has info on the jeans Roy posted a teaser of? All we know is that it will be around 75 pairs....
  3. To be honest it would help put everyone at ease to have the judges state how they chose the winner for the lightweight category. I'm really surprised that Setter didn't win. I guess if the contest was strictly on high contrast fades then I agree with the winner, but their pair does nothing for me personally.
  4. Megatron will we be able to view the artisan challenge jeans anywhere?? -Edwin
  5. Judging by my current calculations you are about halfway through your wait for your jeans Most i've talked to recently have been waiting 8-9 months!!
  6. I've ordered 2 pairs from Ryan at WH Ranch. Don't listen to his website about lead time. E-mail him if you're worried about the wait. I waited 8-10 months for both pairs of mine. Worth the wait, but his website lead time is not accurate. He does tend to sell a lot of samples on his Instagram. So depending on your size you may be able to get a pair without the wait and cheaper than the bench made pricing. -Edwin
  7. WH Ranch Dungarees Lot 6 18oz Kuroki Red Line
  8. Post fit pics when you get them Tapori!
  9. Edmond what size do you need measurements for?? Mister Freedom has the size chart up now for this piece.
  10. Kiya is the 10th Anniv collection from MF still on time to arrive 11/1?? Thanks, -Edwin
  11. I own both the deadstock chambray as well as the indigo stripe. The shirting does run big. I am usually a M/L and ended up getting a small in both of the WH Western Shirts. -Edwin
  12. Really been hunting for a pair of the Edo Ai Greencast
  13. Ryan's work is great. I've had my 1912 for about 8 months of wear. Blown crotch and blown out buttonholes, but besides that I'm very pleased with them.
  14. Yea I saw the teaser of the midnight liberty CPO on IG a while ago.
  15. Will the Liberty CPO be offered in the same denim as the previous version? I know it will have different cuff embroidery.