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Taking Care of the World Tour


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Thank you gents.


^ The release is not superlong off mate. Soon you can get a pair.

The fabric is nice to the touch, bumpier than the 50's with quite a few neps, still having a lot of short hairiness despite the one wash-treatment. Colourwise it is just as royal blue like in the pictures, makes me think a bit of Denime's Kyoto special. Would have been interesting to see what the raw fabric looked like but sadly I was too revved up to ask.


It felt quite breathable in 30+ degrees too but I bet the loose cut helped out a lot. 

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Didn't see the cats. :( 


Let's rewind to the beginning of the trip. We landed pretty late in Tokyo so we only managed to get ourselves a decent bowl of ramen and crash in our capsule hostel.






The next day we made or way with the Shinkansen down to Hiroshima. 






I got hit by fever and sadly missed a lot of the town, did get my ass out of bed for the atomic bomb dome and the museum though. The red ball in the museum pic is how big the "fireball" was right after the explosion scaled after the citys size you see below. It's a crappy pic but you get somewhat of a grip of how big radius was destroyed by the bomb and the following fire raging through the city. It was an odd experience visiting the museum, pretty heavy stuff, people walking around sobbing.






To lighten things up we had scouted a craftbeer bar in Hiroshima called Raku Beer. We tried all 20-isch Japanese beers they had, a couple of them being really good. 




The next day we were off again, this time to Beppu, famous for its natural hot springs. They were everywhere.




I love Japanese signs.



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In case you want to do something except bathing in hot springs in Beppu you can visit "The Hells" - 8 hot springs that are for viewing, sadly in a rather touristy fashion. 






In the evening we went to a yakiniku restaurant, and devoured plenty of food and drinks. Here I had my first encounter with Umeshu, plum wine, which was sweet and nice to switch things up with between the rounds of beers.




We only stayed in Beppu for one night, traveling on further south on Kyushu all the way down to Kagoshima with the active volcano Sakurajima watching over us from the other side of the bay. Sadly we didn't have time/funds to take the boat to Yakushima - an island south of Kagoshima which served as inspiration for the awsome Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke.




On the first day we went on a stroll to see an old bridge from the Edo period, had great tempura and sushi for dinner to celebrate one of the guys birthday.






The next day we took the boat over to Sakurajima. The weather turned from decent to awful pretty fast though and soon we couldn't see much at all. 




We did however have the best ramen on the entire trip in Kagoshima in a small place called Tontoro Ramen. 







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^ Yeah, I have a few now, haha. Which Warehouse denim uses Memphis cotton? I know it is part of the banner denim but that is a mix of 3 different cottons. Did they use Memphis cotton for their 15th anniversary 1001XX denim? Or Duck Digger? Otherwise we're out of luck.

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Time to mix things up a little with some detail shots.


A different denim seems to be used for the beltloops just like on my Denime 1937's. Need to ask Inoue about it, didn't notice it until recently.



Scovill hardware




Guaranteed high quality suspender buttons






Red selvedge-ID




And a miserable attempt to capture the fabric



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From Kagoshima we took the train back to the northern parts of Kyushu to enjoy Fukuoka. Close to where we lived there was a shrine.














Later that night we went out to eat at a Yatai (food stalls) that Fukuoka is known for. We went to Mami-chan's which I'd read good things about and they were just as kind as bloggers say. Of course weren't the only tourists who went to Mami-chans, of the ~10 people that could be served at the stall more than half were French.






You can also do your fair share of vintage shopping in Fukuoka. I don't remember the name of the area but I did stumble upon a Real McCoy's store. It was the first time I handled McCoys products and damn, one can't complain about the quality of the goods.




Later that night we stumbled upon a small bar in a basement called Bar Robin. It was a great night; the owner spoke good english and talked lots with us about the Japanese whisky industry, his life story and kept pouring us lots of free and very tasty whisky in between the best gin & tonics I've ever had. If you're ever in Fukuoka you should pay him a visit, it is close to Hakata station.



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What a way to start out a world tour and the jeans look awesome!
I'd be in for the contest if they didn't have suspender buttons, just can't do it myself.

All the Japan travel photos are making me realize I need to go back ASAP.

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