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Taking Care of the World Tour


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The weight of these jeans is the only detail that I would question. The LVC 1922 repros are 9oz I believe (same as the 1915s) whilst the 1927s and 33s are 10oz. I wonder why TCB has gone for 13oz - do they know something Levi's don't?

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Here goes another photodump! 

Another ride with Shinkansen took us up to Osaka where we had our base for the second week of shenanigans.






Since we didn't have anything in particular planned the first day I dragged my crew with me to Warehouse store. Lo and behold, I ended up with an empty wallet but a pair of 800 C/L richer. It was one of my wild cards I thought about bringing home if I liked the denim, and boy I do like it. It is awsome. So no gambling here and waiting until Tokyo when they stocked my size.




Still some shrinkage left but I reckon they will fit spot on.






Then we went on a side trip down to Himeji to see the castle. Waiting in a disarrayed line for our train.




Himeji castle is truly something else, it is in great shape, much helped from the fact that it never got overrun or destroyed in any wars. It is one of only 12 original castles left in Japan. + It is huge, like you might grasp from the map. 









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^ No worries dude.

Sorry to hear it Lendo but at least we'll get to see your Denime's evo a bit faster this way.
Since Lendo is bowing out, we welcome Unders to the Caring Club. Also added Holio Comolio and Reverendglasseye to the subs. 

For those interested I did post measurements of the jeans the other day. It is located somewhere in the photodump, haha.

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that makes me think that we still have to sort out a schedule.. it'd make more sense to have the tour pants travel through Europe first, then leave for the US of A and then Asia, before coming back to the Mecca.

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Yeah, I agree. So who wants them next? Spitfiredealer? Paul_T? Unders? Foxy?


Do we have more Europeans?


Edit: Can't recall where you're located Jigsaw, Articulate and Ironhorse.

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Tenjin matsuri, one of the biggest festivals in Japan, took place the next day. It is old as fuck, they started the festival during the 10th century. We only watched the procession this time around. The pics turned out crap but what the hell.






Then we went to hang out in Amerikamura.












At the arcade we played a table flipping game. There are three scenarios: a) You're a pissed off bride at your own wedding. B) You're a salaryman sick of your job. c) The angry family father. The game centers around doing as much damage and hurting as many people as you possibly can by flipping the table. Of course you've got to slam the table a couple of times before that to get their attention.




And now we're  back where we started. Next: Kyoto!

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Yeah, I agree. So who wants them next? Spitfiredealer? Paul_T? Unders? Foxy?

Do we have more Europeans?

Edit: Can't recall where you're located Jigsaw, Articulate and Ironhorse.

If they would find their way to Berlin by the 26th they could cover Berlin - Moscow - New Orleans...

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Two weeks done, one final week left which we spent in Tokyo.

The first night was a hazy one, filled with beer and cheap izakayas my friend used to frequent when he studied here. 






Close to where we lived we found a tiny bar that had great craft beer and whisky. A much appreciated change of pace from the constant chugging of lager.



The next day, with a semi bad hangover, I commanded the charge on Harajuku and vintage drooling. Even though I was expecting an impact it sure is very awsome to handle so many cool pieces, be it deadstock or with incredible fades. I think Marvin's was my favourite.








We then went to Desolation Row. I had planned to pick up a pair of 47's or 51's, but sadly they didn't have my size in stock. Cool shop though and nice people working there.




Not very far from there is a small coffee shop called Be a good neighbor, we almost walked past it. Had a pleasant espresso to kick some liveliness into the system again.




In the evening there was a fireworks festival in Asakusa. ALL the streets were crammed like this. It was really crazy. You can see Tokyo Sky Tree in the background.





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