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Taking Care of the World Tour


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With mister Volvo being swamped with work I'll share the workload of the organizing the tour.

To our great delight we've successfully talked Inoue-san into another SUFUxTCB adventure. Following the TCB 50's contest, the introduction of the ranchman shirt and the upcoming TCB 20's contest in 2018, we're now also doing a world tour - starring a prototype of the very jean we will rock in the next TCB contest. Inoue and his crew is basing the jeans off of a vintage pair of Levi's from the 1920's he got a hold of back in april and will also rock a completely new denim.


For the tour we'll have a size 32 for our disposal. Measurements will hopefully be sorted out.


We're kicking off the tour at TCB's very own factory in Kurashiki where I will pick up the jeans during the last week of july. 


The current roster of TCB rockstars:

Bobbo (Sweden)

Paul T (UK)

Red Dragon (Indonesia)

NYC surfer (USA)

JaredLee (USA)

Ooms (Indonesia)

Foxy (Germany/Russia)

Ironhorse (Taiwan)

Articulate (USA)

Jigsaw (Indonesia)

Holio Cornolio (UK)

Mandel9000 (NOR)







The roster is full for now, although it won't hurt having a few subs!


The original and what we're looking forward to:


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If the measurements turn out to be on the smaller side of 32, I'd be very happy to take part! I've already signed up for the Denime 66xx World Tour though, but my leg is up next, so plenty of time in-between. 

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Alright, so depending measurements we have 14 interested people at the moment. 

I reckon we should leave the idea of a 12 month tour behind and see how many months of denim beating we can muster. 

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dear boys and girls

I've just touched base with Hajime to make sure he'll be ready to deliver the tour pants to Bobbo in a few weeks time, all good!

here's some covering on Heddels


Bobbo I am eagerly looking forward to see pics of your visit and I hope you'll get completely plastered with our Japanese friend haha! taking care of diplomatic Nippo-Swede relations!

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Hello peeps!

Dropping in real quick to comfirm that I picked up the jeans yesterday at TCB. Had a great time at the factory, got to see lots of cool stuff while they were working and Inoue and Minae are the best, great hosts and lots of laughs!

The jeans have been washed so there's no shrinkage left and fits me like a glove! Tons of pics to come from both Inoue and myself. Will sort measurements when I'm back in Sweden on the 6th.

But now I'm on my way to Kyoto (denim clad), so I have to catch you guys later. Might post some on my Instagram @indigovein if you can't handle the wait!

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Don't think its possible to get the direct image link from the app. (yeah, really sucks...)

Only way I know is to access the photograph from desktop version of the flickr website (mobile is useless), there is an option to share it with BBcode. 

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Gutted that I've been away from the forum at the critical point, but if there's still room for subs on this tour, and you need another UK leg adding I'd love to be added to the roster. Sadly for me, I caught up on the fact that the 20s were coming to fruition through instagram, and only got to sufu to see what the score was just now. :(  :(  :(  Ah well que sera sera..

I'm wearing a 32 in the TCB 60s at the moment, for the DWC, and they've just reached, what I think could be the point of perfection for me (will post pics in the relevant thread)...

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On my way home from Japan now. Sorry about the lack of pics, I'll throw in a few extras from the week in Kyushu prior to the pickup to make up for it.

Pics imminent on saturday, first I have a short stop in Stockholm.

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