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  1. Have a new job that requires some slimmer fits. So no TCB 50s or 20s at work but I'm only there 2 days a week so I'm all in for the 20s contest. But in the meantime my 800s have become my work jeans.
  2. Some denim shots. Super blue and super loose
  3. TCB

    I would say go same size for ranchman and 50s. My ranchman is a 40 and fits well and my 50s is a 38 but snug and not much room for layering
  4. TCB

    Inoue only posts one wash measurements
  5. TCB

    Looking forward to that photo dump. Your type 2 is epic!
  6. TCB

    delete post
  7. So true. On top of that the snow is only enjoyable the day it snows. After that all the snow is brown black or ...yellow...
  8. TCB

    looking beautiful!
  9. TCB

    Definitely looks to be on the slightly big side. 30s jacket chest measurement for a sz 38 is 108cm or 42.5". I felt like his type 2 ran slightly small but this is looking quite the opposite.
  10. TCB

    TCB for me has always run very true to size. My 50s jeans in 31 measure almost exactly 31 when laid flat. Same with the 20s jeans. If you're a true 30 I would go with a 30.
  11. TCB

    20s Tux Division!! Lets make it happen even if it isn't included in the actual contest!
  12. Definitely need to come to NYC. If beer is your thing I'll show you around to some breweries. @Iron HorseI'll have some jean photos this week... weather is getting better for pics. Speaking of breweries. One of my favorite breweries, Interboro, had a can release that was a collaboration with Pipeworks Brewery. Even though Interboro is a new brewery I hold their beer up there with Otherhalf and Trillium. Big IPAs with juicy hopped up flavors and super hazy. I also had a tasting flight.
  13. I'm overdue for an update. NYC has been interesting the past couple days with the blizzard that hit. Snow totals were underwhelming (only 5-8") but a fun day none the less. I was essentially snowed in with work and school cancelled. That means one thing for me- stouts! So I had a couple beers. The first was a Grimm Ales stout called sumi zest. This was probably the best stout I've ever had. It tasted like a chocolate covered orange creamsicle in stout form. My other beer was an IPA by LIC beer project brewed with elder flower. I also had some time to explore Central Park in the snow and cook. Made fried plantains, mexican spiced fish, with beans and rice that was made with coconut milk. As for the jeans- they are awesome! A size too big but no biggie. I'm embracing wide leg. Fabric has a nice small slub and a good neppiness to it. They feel similar to a smooth sandpaper (if there ever were such a thing). They also have a lovely hue of blue. Once the clouds go away I'll get photos in daylight to see the true color!
  14. things are starting to get interesting... can't wait to see what the other dark horses have been up to
  15. I do love seeing smaller workshop brands such as TCB document their production and you see Inoue with his friends all decked in TCB gear making everything themselves. Getting a look into their production and their friendships is another reason I enjoy supporting TCB and buying direct from Inoue. CSF is another example of this- albeit much more expensive.