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  1. nycsurfer530

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    Not to mention we had an OOE comp...
  2. nycsurfer530


    My size, 31, never makes it that far or gets priced out
  3. nycsurfer530


    I got impatient and didn’t see anything starting for a couple months so I bit the bullet
  4. nycsurfer530


    @volvo240thebest what’s the verdict? Splurging on some Hinoya x Warehouse 1949hxx?
  5. nycsurfer530


    My 50s jacket came one washed and felt great immediately- one benefit to one washed is sometimes when I wash the jeans, I’ll get weird creases or crinkly in places I don’t want it to be crinkly. If possible- I’m one for one washed.
  6. nycsurfer530

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    My fiancé had this to say to me, “Sometimes I think you check out your jeans more than you check me out.” Lol
  7. nycsurfer530


    Here are some measurement pics. I would say they run very true to size. I used a washer and dryer to get the initial shrink out and I’m pretty sure I got all of it out.
  8. nycsurfer530


    received my pair of HinoyaxWarehouse1949hxx yesterday... some initial thoughts- i'm getting fat lol.... sz 31 is definitely on the snug side after washer and dryer but they'll be fine after some wear, i'll just have to stick to the cold wash cycle from here on out. The denim itself is fantastic... the color is very similar to that of my TCB 50s Jacket which is only a couple weeks old (warehouse denim may have a little more purplish hue). The texture of the fabrics though are very different. TCB 50s fabric is much smoother than the warehouse denim but has bigger smooth slubs. Warehouse denim has a much grainier and rougher texture and is almost sandpapery with a decent amount of nep. Additionally the warehouse denim feels lighter and will breath better. I love the fit of the 1001 cut. nice relatively high rise, room through the thighs without being super boxy and a straight leg. I'll try to get pics later this week.
  9. nycsurfer530


    I have it in a 40. I’ll get measurements for you later
  10. nycsurfer530


    Fit is fantastic! Mine should arrive around Wednesday or Thursday
  11. nycsurfer530


    I think any start date would be reliant on who else is participating and when will they receive jeans.
  12. nycsurfer530


    The rise on the 1001 will be pretty similar but not as slim as the 800. Leg opening and thigh width are all a little bigger but it isn’t a 50s boxy cut.
  13. nycsurfer530


    Went ahead and ordered the Hinoya 1949hxx collab... I’m too much of a sucker for that patch I know it’s unlikely but if anyone feels inclined I’d be down to run a small independent contest with any warehouse jeans that are 1001 fit and use the banner denim. Winner receive a pool we send via PayPal and set up a poll to vote on winners. But regardless I’m super happy with them.
  14. nycsurfer530


    Thinking of picking up the Hinoya x Warehouse 1949hxx jeans, especially if no contest I’m interested in happens. Anyone have them? Also, the 32 inseam is post wash correct?
  15. nycsurfer530

    New Contest Suggestions

    Just saw standard and strange is carrying warehouse denim too, maybe they could help organize a warehouse contest?