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  1. TCB

    Well done Volvo fit looks perfect! Do you find the arm opening to be bigger than the 50s?
  2. TCB

    Ooo nice, that looks like further incentive for me to get a 40. Also I just got back from San Francisco. No TCB pics but wore them everyday I was out there. I'll add some photos later today.
  3. The standard denim is the stretchiest softest denim I've owned so sizing down shouldn't be a problem
  4. Just for you holio, I happened to be in the area
  5. Jeans have been handed off to JaredLee. It was a pleasure to partake in the tour. I must say I saw the jeans on Jared and they look like they were made for him.
  6. Aaand finally some more comparison photos with my 50s
  7. More photos. The 20s are a size 32 while the 50s are a size 31. After washer dryer waists look about the same- maybe a touch smaller in the 20s sz 32 than the 50s sz 31. Everything else is a little bigger in the 20s
  8. Looong overdue. Just washed both pairs in the same washer and dryer. The 20s stretch out quite a bit but they also shrink well below tag size, at least the waist does- the leg didn't change much. For reference my 50s jeans are the second pair and also the darker more contrasted pair which shows the 20s are a much faster fading fabric. My 50s are much older with more wear and regular washes. 50s on left 20s on right
  9. Yes both pairs are 31. Want measurements?
  10. Thanks! around 15 months of wear... hard to say since i bought them so long ago but i would wash them frequently about every two weeks. Also i hardly view the slimmer jean request as discrimination. their request is that i the aesthetic of the brand. Ed sorry to disappoint but they don't carry any jeggings you could buy, you'll have to search elsewhere
  11. Canton also did some stuff for j crew about 3 years ago.
  12. Have a new job that requires some slimmer fits. So no TCB 50s or 20s at work but I'm only there 2 days a week so I'm all in for the 20s contest. But in the meantime my 800s have become my work jeans.
  13. Some denim shots. Super blue and super loose
  14. TCB

    I would say go same size for ranchman and 50s. My ranchman is a 40 and fits well and my 50s is a 38 but snug and not much room for layering