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  1. TCB

    I always use the drier on max heat
  2. @volvo240thebest perfect fit! I gotta upload photos of my type 1 which uses the banner denim.
  3. TCB

    I didn't realize the Australian currency is worth 74% of US currency so I too have 60s on the way. They're a size up from my 50s but I think I'll enjoy having the extra room especially with them being a slimmer fit.
  4. TCB

    I'm tempted to just size up and get a pair of 32s. But if I get 60s jeans I want them hemmed by Inoue the master himself. At which point I could get sz 31 too.
  5. TCB

    Great Southern Denim Co is going out of business and have some TCB 60s for very cheap... I would buy but they're out of 31s
  6. Let's see this vintage big E!
  7. TCB

    fade shifting no, that would require some crazy washer- but when the jeans shrink and twist naturally the fabric and some faded areas will lay differently. For me that only happened for the first couple washes. Once all the shrink is out they'll be the same after every wash- give or take the natural stretch and shrink that takes place.
  8. TCB

    i'm not surprised you had substantially more shrinkage. When i got my 50s jeans i did an initial hot washed and tumble dry on high heat and even after subsequent washes there was still minor shrinkage for the next couple washes.
  9. TCB

    i wouldn't worry about it too much especially if its only been 4-5 days of wear... after a month and a couple other washes i doubt you'll notice it anymore (edit) I should really hit refresh before i hit reply...
  10. TCB

    Gave my 50s another wash. Probably nearing 20 washes at this point and just around 1 year of actual wear. Really loving the color at the moment. Last couple photos show the truest color.
  11. Not really denim related but I've gotten super into classical music composition and composed my first piece. It's a string quartet and on the denim side I was wearing my TCB 50s while composing here's a link to it. They string quartet performing was sight reading so it's a little off but I think they did a great job.
  12. TCB

    Everything on the 20s was bigger because they were a 32 while my 50s are a 31
  13. TCB

    When I get my 50s jeans I got washed and tumble dried. They got all the shrink out along with nice puckering and roping and the denim was instantly fluffy soft.
  14. TCB

    @jigsaw nailed the fit!
  15. TCB

    Pretty sure that was just for the contest. My 50s jeans don't have the chainstich runoff by the buttons either.