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  1. TCB

    Pulled out my 50s jeans and forgot how much I love them. The 60s are just too tight in the hips and the rise doesn't feel as nice. Took a couple pics.
  2. TCB

    Glad to hear. In my experience Inoue, or an employee, doesn't always send tracking info but he is usually prompt with fulfilling orders.
  3. Ah yes, never too late for t shirts!
  4. Hmm this may seem annoying to Jason from regiment but I think I'll need to give them a different shipping address- I move 9/27 and thought I would have the jeans before that.
  5. Ended up with the fujifilm x-t20 with the 18-55 2.8-4 lense. After trying dozens of cameras at b&h this one by far was the easiest to use (sonys were a mess)- a huge bonus as it's my first real camera. I also don't need a ton of bells and whistles or video features since I'll just be taking stills. I tried out the x2 and it's great but the x-t20 has the same "guts" as the x2- same autofocus and imaging. Super excited about it. I'll buy a quick wide prime as well to go with it
  6. While riding the subway over the manhattan bridge my subway train lost power so thought I'd snap a quick small pick of my type 1
  7. Incessant checking on production begins-should be a long long few weeks . . .
  8. Jason was super quick to update the paypal invoice with the correct size and address. Just sent payment!
  9. Make sure you guys read the invoice. Jason had me down for the wrong size and the wrong shipping address.
  10. Not yet but I'm not too worried. Inoue has only had it since Wednesday and we just got off the weekend and (I just googled) Friday 8/11 is a Japanese national holiday, so I would expect it within the coming days.
  11. Meanwhile I'm prepping for moving across the country and buying a new camera... I feel you guys
  12. TCB

    Don't worry, I'm have stretched out considerably.
  13. Crazy evo for ~8 weeks... keep it up!
  14. I'll be living in San Francisco so anyone in the Bay Area for a 20s meet-up!
  15. He must have meant 18-19 rather than 8-9? Or 8-9 non sufu participants not on the list?