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  1. Thought I would throw this question out here- I'm moving across to California and road tripping across the country and looking to get a camera to document the trip, mostly shooting landscapes and portraits. Probably gonna spend around $1200 in total. Any thoughts on a camera to buy? I was thinking a mirror less body and a 50mm 1.8 lense.
  2. I'll be kicking off the contest with a cross country road trip. I'm moving to SF at the end of September and I'm gonna buy a nice camera to document the ride.
  3. ^similar number to the OOE contest
  4. Anyone ever get one washed jeans from TCB? Thinking about getting my OW
  5. TCB

    Agreed I'm not wild about it, if he were to do a sawtooth shirt I'd be into that but not as a jacket.
  6. TCB

    Go 33. Especially in comparison to my 50s jeans I'm glad I sized up.
  7. TCB

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to raw measurements. Inoues jeans, I think, are best when washed frequently and tumble dried. Anytime people see raw measurements there is more confusion when (hopefully) the jeans will be washed enough to make the raw measurements useless. And the back rise shrinks quite minimally.
  8. TCB

    Hmm I wonder if the wider shoulders of the 42 make the sleeves the same if you were to measure from the center of the back i.e. How dress shirt sleeves are measured.
  9. FWIW also my 50s jeans are a size 31 and fit perfectly. The tour pair is a size 32 and always felt a size one size too big so I'm confident in a 31 for the contest pair.
  10. I washed them using warm water and a hot tumble dry.
  11. TCB

  12. TCB

    ^ I would definitely recommend sizing up on these, unless I'm just starting to get fat I'll get some measurements for you soon!
  13. TCB

    32 could work but I'm a frequent washer with a hot tumble dry so I'd stay 33
  14. I would assume ed is shipping from the regiment rather than from tcb directly since ed's store is organizing
  15. Im no longer a philly resident but lived there for 10 years. I would definitely go to Pats cheese steaks and get a "wiz wit". Also the schuykill river has a really nice path for biking running etc. if you're into history there's a plethora of options- I love valley forge park. There are also some really great breweries in the area- tired hands being my favorite. If you don't have a car SEPTA trains are easy to get to those places.