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  1. FreeCharlesManson


    Fade update: patch is starting to go finally, hardware is barely rusting, don't know what's special about my air that's preventing it lol i remember some guys buttons were way more rusted in only a couple months.
  2. FreeCharlesManson

    Denim Repair

    rise like lazarus guess this thread wasn't as dead as i thought
  3. FreeCharlesManson


    maybe more appropriate for the long dead denim repair thread but here are my 20's after some repair. I tried to repair them slightly last summer when the holes first started to get big. but it was a kinda sashiko hand stick repair and i'm no professional, plus a couple months of bike riding thrashed the already damaged jeans. This summer having access to a sewing machine and large scraps of denim i wanted to fix up my favourite jeans, started by removing the old patch and then ripping up the back seem which connects the two leg panels and then ripped up the inside leg seam for better access. the idea was basically de-construct and re-construct the jeans with more denim to reinforce the weak areas. I got my mum to help me with the the complex jobs like properly sewing on the patches so they wouldn't bulge and re- sewing the seams that i ripped up to get access to the denim. I basically only sewed some extra reinforcement on the patch so the old holes would lay flat and hopefully not pull apart any more. It likely isn't a re-production accurate sewing job regarding thread colour and technique but that's the real coal miner spirit isn't it? wear and re-pair. Hopefully i'll get another year or so before i need to do any major repairs. there's still a bunch of tiny holes and threadbare areas which may open up. I'll post fade updates soon but today i was doing some gardening and i think i accidentally rubbed poop on my jeans instead of mud so back in the wash they went.
  4. FreeCharlesManson


    Anyone else have a weird time when you hear people talk, when you only see them in pictures. Or vise versa. It's always weird to me like when they cast the person for the movie adaptation of your favourite book
  5. FreeCharlesManson


    If I've got the funds by the time this is starting I'm definitely in. Love TCB and the idea of wwII jeans
  6. FreeCharlesManson

    Warehouse Competition Poll (Part 2) - DD-1003xx / 1946

    Will email soon
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