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  1. 20USD or regional equivalent?
  2. I just blocked my personal account on my clothes account. Then I went to my clothes profile on my personal (blocked) account. This is what I see. When I click follow it suggests accounts to follow but it won't let me follow the account
  3. i'm not sure if KAPITAL does make "extra heavy" denim but these overbuilt tote bags read "for X amount of extra heavy denim"
  4. KAPITAL was pretty cool when i visited they had various tote bags for x amount of extra heavy denim many many sizes i think the biggest was 25 pairs of extra heavy denim. they had a picture of a woman sitting inside the tote bag while two men lifted her in the bag. i also got to see some pretty cool boro stuff
  5. love those arc designs
  6. my information on the list looks correct is there other info you need?
  7. I'm Canadian BTW
  8. looking at the chart i think i would be fine with a 30 as long as it doesn't stretch more than 3cm. i don't want the waist to be too baggy, which for me is >=80cm
  9. i'm getting in on this W29 L88cm don't wan't to miss this and regret. Not certain i'm sticking for the contest i might wear something else for the DWC we'll see EDIT: is TTS recomeded for these? my FULLCOUNT and Burgus Plus are both tag size 29 and i love the waist 76cm at the moment.
  10. strongly considering but i never wear my old blue co jeans with near identical measurements but slightly too wide waist not sure if worth it.
  11. i think there definition of two ears of wear is more like two years of owning not 730.5days of wear
  12. welp my new fullcounts might be taking a premature retirement until this starts
  13. Thanks i cut it myself. My hair used to be the messy product of a buzz cut and 6 months of growth, i'm thinking about growing it long again like when i was younger. We'll see how i like that i might go back to this cut if i don't like it.
  14. A fit you guys might appreciate. Just bought a vintage Lee Rider from the 80's hopefully going to go full boro on the jacket, like the Kapital one. I'm wearing Reigning Champ Tee, Burgus Plus jeans, a Pigeon Tree belt and Red Wing 2955.
  15. Not sure how you can hate on these jeans