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  1. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZoMtyvJkvZS1IgHI2 Finally getting around to posting some photos and measurements. pre-soak waist 40.5cm front rise 31.5 back rise 42 thigh 30.5 knee 24 hem 23 inseam 93 post-soak waist 38cm front rise 30 back rise 41 thigh 30 knee 22.5 hem 21.5 inseam 86 the light denim in a loose cut is super refreshing from my FULLCOUNT 1108 or Samurai 710xx. My current rotation of jeans are all my favourite pairs of jeans. love the cut of the samurai, love the length of the fullcounts and how care free they are, love the denim and the comfort on the TCB. currently biggest gripe with the TCB is all the hardware sometimes it makes me anxious when i'm wearing my nicer clothes and on furniture but that's about it. really excited to see this denim age. I especially love the mobility provided by the TCB's i can do all sorts of Taekwon-Do moves in them Super excited for this contest!
  2. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Was upset to see someone else get number 8 but I'm happy with lucky number 13. Well post more pics/measurements when I have time
  3. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Received my shipping notification you're morning. It says it should arrive Monday night. Oddly specific but I've never had anything shipped DHL before
  4. Japan Blue Momotaro

    yeah broken twill with a fair amount of slub, haven't felt many momotaro so can't comment on that. at this point they are very soft with some texture, texture has become less tactile with wear.
  5. DWC2 2017 - 2019

    i signed up. I'm going to wear my Fullcount 1108 or TCB 20 haven't tried the 20's yet we'll see which ones i prefer
  6. DWC2 2017 - 2019

    20USD or regional equivalent?
  7. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I just blocked my personal account on my clothes account. Then I went to my clothes profile on my personal (blocked) account. This is what I see. When I click follow it suggests accounts to follow but it won't let me follow the account
  8. Japan Trip

    i'm not sure if KAPITAL does make "extra heavy" denim but these overbuilt tote bags read "for X amount of extra heavy denim"
  9. Japan Trip

    KAPITAL was pretty cool when i visited they had various tote bags for x amount of extra heavy denim many many sizes i think the biggest was 25 pairs of extra heavy denim. they had a picture of a woman sitting inside the tote bag while two men lifted her in the bag. i also got to see some pretty cool boro stuff
  10. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    love those arc designs
  11. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    my information on the list looks correct is there other info you need?
  12. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    I'm Canadian BTW
  13. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    looking at the chart i think i would be fine with a 30 as long as it doesn't stretch more than 3cm. i don't want the waist to be too baggy, which for me is >=80cm
  14. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    i'm getting in on this W29 L88cm don't wan't to miss this and regret. Not certain i'm sticking for the contest i might wear something else for the DWC we'll see EDIT: is TTS recomeded for these? my FULLCOUNT and Burgus Plus are both tag size 29 and i love the waist 76cm at the moment.
  15. Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    strongly considering but i never wear my old blue co jeans with near identical measurements but slightly too wide waist not sure if worth it.