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Found 6 results

  1. With mister Volvo being swamped with work I'll share the workload of the organizing the tour. To our great delight we've successfully talked Inoue-san into another SUFUxTCB adventure. Following the TCB 50's contest, the introduction of the ranchman shirt and the upcoming TCB 20's contest in 2018, we're now also doing a world tour - starring a prototype of the very jean we will rock in the next TCB contest. Inoue and his crew is basing the jeans off of a vintage pair of Levi's from the 1920's he got a hold of back in april and will also rock a completely new denim. For the tour we'll have a size 32 for our disposal. Measurements will hopefully be sorted out. We're kicking off the tour at TCB's very own factory in Kurashiki where I will pick up the jeans during the last week of july. The current roster of TCB rockstars: Bobbo (Sweden) Paul T (UK) Red Dragon (Indonesia) NYC surfer (USA) JaredLee (USA) Ooms (Indonesia) Foxy (Germany/Russia) Ironhorse (Taiwan) Articulate (USA) Jigsaw (Indonesia) Holio Cornolio (UK) Mandel9000 (NOR) Subs: Reverendglasseye Louisbosco FeloniusMonk The roster is full for now, although it won't hurt having a few subs! The original and what we're looking forward to:
  2. Thanks again to everyone that expressed interest in a world tour, and to anyone else who might be interested, let me know! There's still room. These are a tag size 30, but fit like a 31 standard tapered in most brands. Just mailed the jeans to Holio Cornholio in the UK. After him, it will either head to louisbosco in Australia or to the North America contingent. If anyone in Europe is interested, might be best to speak up quickly so the pair can stay in that hemisphere a little while longer. Here is the original interest thread, including details on the fit plus some pictures, as well as links with details on the model and Roy's page about the denim. Measurements at the start of the journey: Roy BB1002, tag size 30 Waist: 31-31.5" Thigh: 12" Knee: 8.25" Hem: 7.75" Inseam: 33.75" (original) Front rise: 11" Back rise: 15-15.25" Current participant list: Holio Cornholio (UK) cungster (Singapore) louisbosco (I dunno, frankly, he seems to be everywhere - EDIT: Perth, apparently) chicote (west Canada) wolfofthesea (west Canada) Hendsch (west US) guthriegking (west US) andrewrose (mountain US) unorthodox (southeast US) ReverendGlasseye (central US) Mandel9000 (North of the Wall) FeloniousMonk (NYC)
  3. louisbosco

    Denime 66xx World Tour

    Denime 66xx Woirld Tour Begins!! Happy 2016 and let us start this year with and awesome world tour! A big thanks to Flash for donating the pair of Mccoy's era Denime 66xx for this world tour and for us in the smaller sizes to be able to experience this. So, i'll start of this thread by uploading some photos that were hurriedly taken. The parcel arrive from the UK couple of hours before i'm due to head of to the airport so i snapped what i could before packing them into my suitcase to be looked at later on. First impressions of the denim: The denim is soft and smooth, they're definitely lighter than the pairs i've been wearing over the past few years. I don't have much experience of this area of denim but i have to say the texture of it has the feel of vintage pairs that had a very light and fair fade with those that resembles the old levi's pairs. It's smooth and has a very firm texture that is crisp but yet not that heavy. Overall it's a fairly simple and straightforward pair without all the bells and whistles. So with further updates, this pair will head to singapore and throughout japan.. Stay tuned for more.. Do follow updates for this pair if you're on instagram @louisbosco and i've added the tags #denime #denimeworldtour #denime66xx The list so far: 1) louisbosco 2) lukenstein 3) Rightyow77 4) chicote 5) Artisandenim 6) Lendo 7) Mandel9000 8) SLAB 9) 10) 11) 12)
  4. It's World Tour-time! To spice things up a little I have the pleasure to lend out a pair of Warehouse 1001XX in their awsome duck digger fabric. Since I shipped out the jeans to Tigerstrom yesterday I deem the tour to have kicked off. Current order of participation is the following: Tigerstrom, Sweden Swissjeansfreak, Switzerland Foxy, Germany and Russia Bradl, Canada Lendo, US Ooms, Indonesia Redragon, Indonesia Spitfiredealer, UK Unders, UK Measurements: Waist: 43 cm Front rise: 29,5 cm Back rise: 40,5 cm Thigh: 32 cm Inseam: 85,5 cm Hem: 21,5 cm Here's a couple of pics from when they were brand spanking new and blurry fit pics after their initial wash:
  5. EDIT: Measurements for both pairs are at the bottom of this post. Fit pics and denim comparison pictures are at the bottom of the page. Running list of everyone who expressed interest thus far is near the top of page 2 - Currently at 7 people in for a Roy tour and 5 in for Boncoura. I'll leave this up for a few more days to see if anyone else might sign up, then choose whichever pair had the most volunteers. Happy Halloween weekend, everyone! So a couple recent discussions in the Boncoura and Roy threads have bemoaned the lack of information on our forum about how the denims fade over time (and in the case of Roys, some skepticism about whether the fades turn out that nicely). I've actually been thinking about a potential world tour for a while, so I'm not just sitting here on a pile of unworn denim like a dragon avariciously guarding his indigo hoard, and this seems like a perfect opportunity to help the community learn a bit more about the denim while also getting to see the fades that I don't have time to make myself. Hopefully we can spread the love around, perhaps let our European and Asian compatriots experience the amazing handiwork of Roy without having to pay outrageous import duties. Or finally see a pair of Boncoura 66 denim from raw through deep fading before they start to become more widely available stateside and through Europe. Details on the potential pairs (Note: edited the fit description for Boncouras on Oct 18) Roy Big Bro Round Two (BB1002), size 30 First model made with his new Black Seed denim (a Cone collaboration) that is now his banner denim High-mid rise fit with a trim waist, roomy top block, and mild taper through the leg Interesting pocket and rivet details, see the link above for more Boncoura 66, size 32 Boncoura's signature denim, slightly irregular with super rich indigo color, reportedly a fairly fast fader High-mid rise fit with larger waist but similar hip measurements to the Roys, wide thighs and mild taper. Nearly identical fit to the Roys aside from having a larger waistband. Details are standard, but quite well-done from the patch to the rivets and sewing throughout (though 60s model => no hidden rivets) Both pairs of jeans are pretty much new. I've worn the Roys for one or two days, and the Boncouras for one (maybe not even that). The one thing I have to apologize for is overconditioning the Boncoura patch, as only a one-wash pair was available and I tried to restore the dried-out post-wash patch to the glorious state of the raw pairs I've seen. I will add a couple more posts to this thread with some comparison pictures of the denim and details, plus measurements. If people have interest in a tour with one of these pairs, I would prefer to keep it to forum regulars (or semi-regulars) for hopefully understandable reasons. So how about it, is there any interest in showing these pairs some love around the world? EDIT Sorry about the delay. GF and I both have colds, so a quick stop for errands last night turned into watching a bit of Westworld and taking Nyquil turned into goodbye world. I had the chance to take both pairs out for measuring and trying each on quickly, and realized I was mistaken when I described the fits in my original post. The Boncouras are not actually a lower rise, but instead just feel like a lower rise to me because they are close-fitting through the hips but have room around my waist. The upshot of these jeans is that both pairs have almost identical fit. The major difference is that the top block of the Roys tapers slightly above the hips to a trimmer waistband, and that it has a longer inseam. From the butt down, these jeans have virtually the same fit. The larger knee measurement means the Boncouras do appear to have a slightly fuller leg, but it's minimal. Will try to take a couple fit shots tonight to illustrate the point. Here are the measurements for both pairs, taken BiG style. Roy BB1002, size 30 Waist: 31-31.5" Thigh: 12" Knee: 8.25" Hem: 7.75" Inseam: 33.75" (original) Front rise: 11" Back rise: 15-15.25" Boncoura 66, size 32 Waist: 32.5" Thigh: 12" Knee: 8.75" Hem: 7.75" Inseam: 30" (original) Front rise: 11.25" Back rise: 15.25"
  6. Hello guys, some of you might have seen me post this the other day in the Warehouse thread. I figured I might as well start a new one. Measurements are as follow (BIG style) after one 40 degree wash with detergent and a week of wear: Waist: 43 cm Front rise: 29,5 cm Back rise: 40,5 cm Thigh: 32 cm Inseam: 85,5 cm Hem: 21,5 cm Participants: Oomslokop - Indonesia Redragon - Indonesia Bradl - Canada Foxy2 - Germany/Russia Quoise123 - USA Swissjeansfreak - Switzerland Tigerstrom - Sweden Lendo - USA