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Taking Care of the World Tour


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OOO Yea... super nice ride foxy, keep the feed coming.


Thanks! Will try...

Whoaa great stuff Foxy! that 444 looks to be in very good conditions from what I see. buy!!!


It's in almost entirely original conditions, but will need about 5-10K of repair, maintenance and welding.

Not a decision we have to make on the spot - maybe later this year.

The wife wants a real 4-seater, a people mover for a change. Her vintage Fiat 500L doesn't really qualify.

What a cartastic start of your leg!

Please excuse my ignorance but what model is Foxy driving?!

Mr. Foxy is busy wearing the jeans - Mrs. Foxy is driving the cars.

It's a Volvo P1800 - similar to Paul T. who drives a P1800 or P1800S this is a P1800E.

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On Sunday we headed out to my dad's place on the countryside.




For dinner we went back to town - a little bit of Peruvian food...



On Monday we had to fly back to Moscow only to fly out to New Orleans on Saturday.

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On Monday we had to fly back to Moscow only to fly out to New Orleans on Saturday.

Basically, I didn't get much time to take care of the jeans in the first week.

But on Saturday for the flight to New Orleans (via JFK) I finally got a chance to break them in.

Here we are at JFK early next morning (the plane out of Moscow had a delay which had us miss our same day evening connection at JFK) having breakfast...



...and a first glimpse at the denim:


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Yup, they're the Test Lot 00 prototypes and after a hot wash they shrank down to about 9 in. (about 23 cm.) in the hem.

At first I thought they looked huge, but the fact that they're hemmed to the right length and given my body type they look quite good.

Especially with boots like my Viberg Boondockers. I can easily do with a bit more room in the leg, especially with some engineers on the way!

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pity you can't post a fit haha! I am sure they look good on you and they will work well with boots. my tcb 60's are 23.5 at the hem and that's the smaller leg opening I could use with the white nomad's. 23cm will look good with the engineers especially if the Viberg are not ultra wide shaft (the Nomads are quite wide).

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