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  1. ^ Sorry, I think I must have mistaken your one-wash measurements for raw. You definitely made nice changes to the rise and fit. Glad that amazing denim has finally been made into more wearable cuts. The major difference between the cuts is still probably the rise, but you're right that it's more of a mid- versus high-rise distinction.
  2. There's a pretty big fit difference in the top block, so I'd say to go off those preferences. That rise on the RJB RFR004 is loooowwwwww, with a very small back rise too. The Saddle pants are quite high rise, with plenty of room around the hips.
  3. Great seeing everyone back on the thread! Now I need to participate some more too. Also, checking on the remaining time - Isn't the end date September 30, since it's 18 months from April 1, 2016? I think we have two months for further destruction...
  4. That vertical falling giveth (tracks), and it taketh away (combs) ^^ Thanks, Maynard! High praise coming from you
  5. Ah yeah, photo time. It's a nice sunny day in NYC finally! I like how they're wearing through at every prominent spot on the right side from my work bag's friction. Little bits of stitching are starting to go on the front and back pockets, but they should be able to make it through September.
  6. That patch fabric really catches the eye, a beautiful faded aquamarine color - thanks again, Chicote! And thanks for the scenic tour leg, Hendsch!
  7. I think @ReverendGlasseye has a trip to Iceland coming up that he was aiming to have the jeans for... Right, Rev?
  8. Or, you know, they might have to stick around in NYC a little longer... (just kidding. sort of. would be happy to take the pair for a leg if it's ever possible)
  9. A quick shot of the roping, already starting to get threadbare at the hem
  10. The 3012 has a really even taper through the entire leg below mid-thigh, with a lot below the knee. It's a very strong carrot shape with an almost billowy top block and steady taper from the thighs down to the small leg opening. I don't think you will necessarily have an issue with the knee being too narrow, as my pair does not feel tight around the knee at all. It's just a bit of an extreme look, so be sure you will be ok with that.
  11. ^ Sure, I have a pair of the 3012, as do a couple other people on the forum. Though I don't think I've seen a worn-in pair anywhere yet. What would you like to know?
  12. Wolfofthesea is in western Canada if it saves money on shipping to only mail them across the US-Canada border once, otherwise go for it, Hensch! Mandel, got you, I'll edit the list at the beginning of the post. I think there's about 5-6 people signed up across North America, so does around this winter sound ok?
  13. The back pockets aren't just lower, they're shorter too. Normal Stevenson pockets like on the 727 and 767 appear to be a bit taller than standard jean back pockets, while the 714 pockets barely accommodate my rather small wallet. Still damn nice jeans though - great photos and nice wear, melbatoast.
  14. ^ In the early months, I'll admit that I didn't really see why the Ooes suggested the #17 fabric. It was very appealing raw and crispy, but then felt kind of boring after a couple washes and was very slow to show fading. These past few months, as the jeans are starting to show considerable wear and developing amazing texture, I've finally understood why they consider this denim something special. Guess it shows to just trust the experts...