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  1. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    High praise from you two! Agreed that the #17 denim is something special. Would love to know if it's still in production, or was deadstock used for the contest. If there's enough for another run, it would be a surefire hit. It keeps a lot of visual interest after repeated washings, never really fading to that very even blue you get on some denims (including the OAXX fabric to some extent). Super comfortable after a brief break-in, too. Quick question on voting etiquette here for participants: I take it the right move is to vote for the pair we like most that is not our own?
  2. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    Since we're not supposed to comment in the other thread, I just wanted to say damn to @corporalclegg, that pair came out beautifully! The whiskering is particularly lovely.
  3. Just want to echo the others in thanking Aho, Neil, Jeremy, and the rest of the Standard & Strange crew, and especially Ryo and Hiro. This is the first pair of jeans where I've really gotten to beat them up to my favorite point. The cut and denim came together perfectly, and it's been a real pleasure to participate in the contest.
  4. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    @mandel9000, go for it!
  5. Taking Care of the World Tour

    I think I will have to take on the next leg of the Roys world tour, so I'll pass on this for the immediate moment if that's ok.
  6. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    @andrewrose @guthriegking @mandel9000... Any of you want to take the jeans next? Otherwise, with the Ooe contest over, I'd be happy to take them for a month!
  7. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    While we wait on the final word for how we should submit photos, here's a quick fit pic for how the jeans look at the end of the 18 months. They've really hit the perfect point of destruction and contrast for me. Was kind of stupid to paint in them a few weeks ago, but I think it worked out ok. Coming around to liking the stains on the jeans; I just can't get them out, but they are fading with each wash. I think the pair ended up looking quite good, but we'll see what people think when the judging begins.
  8. Tender Co. Denim

    Dang, those are getting lovely. So is the brown overdye pretty much completely gone at this point? How much washing did that take?
  9. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    Just in time, too. Found a tear at the edge of my existing repairs this morning, so it looks like my pair is pretty much done until I can send them off for more darning.
  10. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    Just checking in again - we had unorthodox join the US side. So, @andrewrose, @guthriegking, or @unorthodox: Any of you up for the next leg?
  11. The Strike Gold

    You might get a little stretch out of the rise, but I think that fit will always be a compromise. Wearing a tight belt early on does seem to get a little more stretch in the rise and top block rather than just stretching out the waist. Hope you enjoy them overall, they're great jeans!
  12. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    Beautiful round on the tour! Thanks again, wolfofthesea! As for next up, I think that would be either @guthriegking or @andrewrose. Either of you gents up for the next slot?
  13. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    A couple shots from Sperlonga, the small and ancient town where Tiberius used to have his holiday villa on the beach. Then some emperor got to see Capri, and basically said "sod this seaside town" and moved the summer home. Most of the old city is built on a hill and still dates back to the middle ages. All the apartments and shops are just heaped on top of one another for several stories, and the streets are mostly maze-like narrow staircases criss-crossing the hillside, given a feeling of MC-Escher-as-city-planner. And because no post here is complete without the food photo, here is the best thing we ate in Italy. A reordering of the classic prosciutto and melon, with sheep cheese and salad. It was pretty astonishingly good.
  14. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    Entering the final stretch, and I wanted to indulge in one more photo update like the early days of the contest. We just got back from Italy for a friend's wedding, so the Ooes got a lot of wear in 90 degree heat, climbing a LOT of steps since every gorgeous little seaside town seemed to be built up the cliffs rather than across. Every restaurant, bar, and beach was inevitably a bit less than a kilometer away, yet 300 meters up or down. Was feeling pretty sore by the end of the week in seaside towns. As would be expected, the food was amazing. Though most of it was not very photogenic... Good pasta often still kind of looks like a dog's dinner, especially under the warm lighting of your typical trattoria. But the landscape was impossibly good looking along the coast. Terraces of olive, citrus, and squash starting 400-500m up, cascading down to the sea with only occasional small towns and large sheer cliffs of volcanic rock breaking up the waves of greenery. It has been seriously dry there, so we saw a number of large forest fires raging around the peaks at night. All the ash contributed to the hazy appearance of distant hills in the photos, but probably made the sunsets even better too. Already hoping to go back someday. The one shot including my jeans from the entire trip happened when talking a walk on the beach right after we got into Sperlonga (a small seaside town mostly serving as a resort for heatsick Romans, based around a medieval hill town) A couple random other shots from Rome, the Amalfi coast (Ravello and Praiano), and Sperlonga itself...
  15. The Strike Gold

    I think within a week, they had stretched a bit to feel more comfortable. Well within a month of wear, they got a softer feel, but I think they also had a couple machine washes in that month which definitely speeds denim through the crispy/crunchy phase. Hope you like them! They're a great pair of jeans, looking forward to wearing them more this fall/winter after the Ooe contest wraps up.