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  1. FeloniousMonk

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    @ALB Just lined up my two size 33 pairs, and they’re pretty much a perfect match from waist to inseam to hem. The OA denim does shrink a bit more than the #17 denim after a couple washes, so I would expect the saddle pants to get a tiny bit slimmer in the long run. My pair has been worn a few times, but not seen a second wash yet.
  2. FeloniousMonk

    Full Count Denim Thread

    I also had a crispy patch on my first pair of 1101s, which were one wash (and made me commit to always getting raw FCs in the future). It wasn’t shrunken, but worryingly stiff and noticeably darker than the raw patches. The patch has gotten a bit better after repeated applications of leather conditioner and some wear, but it’s still not in as good of shape as any pairs I’ve had from raw.
  3. FeloniousMonk

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I'll also add that the OA01 fit feels about identical to the R01 fit, but with 2" larger tag size. I.e., if a 35 fits great in the OA01, you probably will do best with a 33 in the R01 fit (with the exception of the rise, which is crazy high on the Roys). I'm basing this off having Ooe's Golden Gate 01 fit jeans in size 33 and the newest R01 jeans in size 31 - their measurements through the leg are very similar, and they feel/look about the same in the hips, though the rise measurements on the Roys are about 0.5-1" higher in the front and 1.5" higher in the back. If that extra rise gives you enough extra room in the waist relative to your OA01, then you can probably keep the size 32s, but they'll be a bit tighter than your Ooes when fully shrunk.
  4. FeloniousMonk

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Yep, I really wanted a pair of Roys for mostly sentimental/collection reasons, and this feels like a pretty perfect pair to that end: very classic styling, impeccably cut and sewn as always, and in his own personal denim. The cloth patch is a nice touch to me, since I’ve always loved his patch designs but the leather seemed to fade in only a few washes. So I picked up a pair from SENY this evening and will get around to wearing them... someday... I also wonder how much more black seed denim Roy has salted away. He’s now put out what, 4 or 5 runs of black seed jeans? It will be interesting to see what he does once his stash runs out, but I certainly hope he stays in the denim game.
  5. FeloniousMonk

    Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    Enjoy! It’s a really great pair of jeans
  6. FeloniousMonk

    Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    My jeans tend to end up pretty high contrast no matter what - I’m not sure why really. If anything, I’d prefer to get them a little more washed-out and light blue all over at this point, so the washing schedule will probably get more frequent.
  7. FeloniousMonk

    Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    @1fookntitefd Probably around 10 washes, maybe a little more. I tend to wash the jeans I’m wearing heavily every one or two months. With the RJB jeans, I didn’t like washing them too much early on because the vertical falling is so extreme. Each early wash would bring out some light streaks in random parts of the otherwise dark denim, rather than emphasizing the worn-in areas. These jeans have kind of an awkward adolescence. Now that they’re somewhat faded all over, each wash just helps bring out new texture and lighter colors.
  8. FeloniousMonk

    Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    Right around a year of wear, and they keep lightening up more and more. The indigo seems to be falling off faster in the past couple weeks, so maybe they'll be up for semi-retirement before too long. The new RJB denim really is gorgeous, I especially love how the white-blue areas look on the extra worn sections at the knees and wallet.
  9. What has been the general experience with the hemming service from Denimio? Sorry if this has been answered before - I found the question back in this thread but not any responses.
  10. FeloniousMonk

    The Strike Gold

    That’s a really nice fit, better than I think I’ve seen for the XX09 line-up from Strike Gold. Enjoy! Definitely an under-appreciated brand relative to the attention Oni or PBJ get for their crazy fabrics.
  11. FeloniousMonk

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Ugghhh... now you all are going to convince me that my emergency 1101XX purchase wasn’t sufficient, and I should have another backup pair or two... The jeans addiction has already gone too far, no matter how perfect the high rise, well-proportioned top block, and gentle taper of the 1101 fit may be! That said, thanks for the heads up on the changing fits and design. I put the 1101XX away for a rainy day, but then caved and made them my new winter jeans. The stiffness and roughness of the freshly-soaked XX fabric is really surprising after the instant comfort of their 13.7 oz denim, but it’s fun to get a bit of a break-in period. The inky darkness of the new denim is also really nice - the warp almost looks black. Can’t wait to see how they age!
  12. FeloniousMonk

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Thanks, @oomslokop! It’s the type 425, the flat cuff shirt, but made from the molleton-processed denim and logwood dyed. The mashing and brushing of the molleton process make it a good windbreak, even if it was designed as a shirt
  13. FeloniousMonk

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Stevenson cap and thermal Tender jacket Ooe contest jeans
  14. FeloniousMonk

    BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Hey all, my eye has been wandering again, and Oni's handmade collection is looking mighty nice. It seems like a somewhat regular special edition that they do, always with the same styling. I'm a big fan of the felled/french seams and single stitch construction - I've only seen those details on Ande Whall and Stevenson before. The back pocket stitching and curved top also have real Stevenson vibes, which I'm 100% behind. @mikecch How has your pair of the hand made Oni's come along since 2010? You seem to have the only pair I found in a quick thread search. Or does anyone else have experience with them and their construction? Also, any advice on fabrics? It appears that Denimio has some left in my size from a previous year using Oni's original 14oz denim, and there's a new version this year using Oni's refreshed version of the 17oz XX denim (dubbed NXX, apparently). I have no idea how the NXX denim has supposedly changed from the old 16.5 oz XX, and honestly it's been ages since I've felt either in person.
  15. FeloniousMonk

    Studio D'artisan

    @i_denim: Not sure if there's been a proper review of the G-003 jeans, but @beautiful_FrEaK mentioned picking up a pair of the G-002 here. A little further down that page, I chime in on the G3 fabric used for that run of jeans. Don't really have much to add to what I wrote there - they're still sitting in my drawer waiting for the winter rotation to start soon - but I believe they G-003 jeans are in SDA's typical 107 cut which is a nice, modern tapered cut with some room in the thighs and a mid- to low-rise.