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  1. Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    Yep, that's exactly what prevent me from getting a pair until this fit showed up at Self Edge. I'd tried looking into the other models on RJB's website, but could never figure out which fits might actually work from the (scant) provided measurements. Wish I could take you up on the 33s, but I'm a 31 in the RJB 109 fit (which is TTS for me). Definitely hope someone else on the forums can take those off your hands though, it would be a great pair.
  2. Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    They're the D109FXR model that Self Edge carries. I'd actually have slightly preferred it if I could find a fully kitted-out pair of RJBs in this fit with the black deerskin patch, diamond arcs, and all, but RJB just doesn't seem to get carried in most American stores. The details on this collaboration pair still feel really nice though, and the arcs and thread colors are appropriately flashy for the denim.
  3. Real Japan Blues - Jeans & Shirts...

    Since finishing up the Ooe contest, I've been trying to keep focused on just one or two pairs of jeans at a time to get more pairs to that heavily-worn state. And the pair that I've found myself wearing the most has been the Flat Head X RJB collaboration with the new RJB left-hand denim. Really lovely stuff - the pretty dense weave is warm enough for the fall and winter here in NYC, but I'm hoping they'll be worn in enough by spring to stay comfortable in warmer weather. The fabric also had a surprisingly rough exterior handfeel early on, though it's getting a bit smoother after a few months of wear and a couple washes. The interior felt quite smooth from the beginning, so it was never a comfort issue. The fabric actually strikes me as almost being a souped-up version of the #17 denim used in the Ooe contest, though that may just be my own focus on them both being left-hand twill. They both had similar "crispy" feel in the first month or two, and very noticeable, streaky vertical falling characterizes the early fading of both fabrics. The RJB denim does fade a bit faster though. Even after just 2-3 months of wear, it's already turning a brighter blue around the knees and wallet area. Also looks like I'm getting some early combs setting in, which would be super nice. Couple photos of the current progress in our super-low-angle afternoon light:
  4. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    Thanks again, @mandel9000! You always put the effort in on the photo sets, and it's well appreciated. Looking forward to another trip through the Nordics, my partner and I have been hoping to get out there for a hiking holiday some summer.
  5. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    Sorry about being away for a bit, shirking my duties! Any of @guthriegking, @andrewrose, or @MasonAlexander want to take the next leg? If no one else calls dibs, I'm happy to have them sent this way and will put some wear in over the winter. Even have a big trip coming up for the holidays, so it could be fun to have them along for it.
  6. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    Oslo's looking good, @mandel9000. The whiskers look like they're coming in nicely as well! Not too late, @MasonAlexander. Want me to add you to the tour list for when they come back to the States?
  7. Holy shit! Thanks everyone, and especially all the fellow contestants! It's been a hell of an 18 months, with a few moves, a job change, etc., and it's nice to have an amazing pair of jeans that remind me of it all. Glad we all got to enjoy the last of this special denim put together by my favorite jean makers in the world. Photos will definitely get posted once the prize arrives, and I suspect the amount of wear left in these jeans will lead to a long life for the contest thread as we all periodically check in with the continued progress.
  8. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    High praise from you two! Agreed that the #17 denim is something special. Would love to know if it's still in production, or was deadstock used for the contest. If there's enough for another run, it would be a surefire hit. It keeps a lot of visual interest after repeated washings, never really fading to that very even blue you get on some denims (including the OAXX fabric to some extent). Super comfortable after a brief break-in, too. Quick question on voting etiquette here for participants: I take it the right move is to vote for the pair we like most that is not our own?
  9. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    Since we're not supposed to comment in the other thread, I just wanted to say damn to @corporalclegg, that pair came out beautifully! The whiskering is particularly lovely.
  10. Just want to echo the others in thanking Aho, Neil, Jeremy, and the rest of the Standard & Strange crew, and especially Ryo and Hiro. This is the first pair of jeans where I've really gotten to beat them up to my favorite point. The cut and denim came together perfectly, and it's been a real pleasure to participate in the contest.
  11. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    @mandel9000, go for it!
  12. Taking Care of the World Tour

    I think I will have to take on the next leg of the Roys world tour, so I'll pass on this for the immediate moment if that's ok.
  13. Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2

    @andrewrose @guthriegking @mandel9000... Any of you want to take the jeans next? Otherwise, with the Ooe contest over, I'd be happy to take them for a month!
  14. Ooe Yofukuten x S&S: Official Contest Thread 2016

    While we wait on the final word for how we should submit photos, here's a quick fit pic for how the jeans look at the end of the 18 months. They've really hit the perfect point of destruction and contrast for me. Was kind of stupid to paint in them a few weeks ago, but I think it worked out ok. Coming around to liking the stains on the jeans; I just can't get them out, but they are fading with each wash. I think the pair ended up looking quite good, but we'll see what people think when the judging begins.
  15. Tender Co. Denim

    Dang, those are getting lovely. So is the brown overdye pretty much completely gone at this point? How much washing did that take?