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  1. FeloniousMonk

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    My recollection was that the 18oz felt and faded a lot like the 20oz GTB denim that I have now. Those old jeans were nice enough that I felt the need to replace them, just in a larger size this time. Pictures of the 20oz denim fades after 6-8 months of wear are still on page 121 of this thread, or here.
  2. FeloniousMonk

    Japan Blue Momotaro

    The 18oz GTB fabric definitely takes a while to break in, and don’t expect stretch. The fades are a bit slower than usual, but the really big difference is that this fabric stays stiffer a lot long than most denims. I think my old pair eventually hit about 8-10 months of wear (spread over two fall/winters), yet still stayed stiff enough that they had virtually no drape for weeks after a wash. Would add photos for the fading, but I sold that pair a couple years back since it was getting tight and the fabric was not forgiving.
  3. I’ve got a shirt from them, and my wife has a dress and hoodie from their women’s line. I really like their fabric selections and style, though the men’s fits tend to be a bit voluminous. Our Confect clothes are about a year old now - long enough to say that they’re not bad quality (as everything is holding up extremely well), but not long enough to say that they’re notably good quality. Definitely a fan of everything so far though, and will keep checking out their seasons in the future. I’ll have to look for the denim line...
  4. FeloniousMonk

    Studio D'artisan

    @JDelage Really helpful, cheers!
  5. FeloniousMonk

    Studio D'artisan

    @JDelage Thanks so much! That photo helps a lot, it’s definitely quite light compared to the all-coyote jacket. If you don’t mind, what’s your general impression of the sweatshirt - anything that stands out or is it a fairly standard loopwheeled sweat? (Admittedly a very high “standard”). And this phrasing may sound stupid, but does the sweatshirt In person come off more as a discernible color (albeit light) or as an off-white?
  6. FeloniousMonk

    Studio D'artisan

    Does anyone have an SDA FoxFibre garment in coyote that’s gone through a few washes by this point? I’m thinking about the loopwheeled sweatshirt they just released, but the stock photos appear a bit light. If it were to get a little more reddish-brown like in photos of the jacket (or darker), that would be ideal, so I’m curious if people have actually seen the cotton get noticeably darker with washing.
  7. FeloniousMonk

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    @1fookntitefd The main advantage I see for getting unsanforized jeans raw rather than one wash is that the patch often does a lot better through a home soak. Many jeans makers have a wash/dry process that nearly turns their patches to jerky - my pairs from Full Count, Boncoura, and Momotaro in particular have patches that are fairly stiff and shriveled-looking even after a few rounds of leather conditioner. Other than that, maybe the denim stays a bit stiffer after a soak and line dry than from the manufacturer’s wash? But with the softening up over the initial month of wear, I doubt that would make much of a difference to the fades.
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