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Taking Care of the World Tour


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  • 2 weeks later...

OK, sorry for delays, here's a few snippets. The jeans had a bit of a trek from Russia to Poland - help up in customs with a huge duty bill! But I got to wear them in my last couple of days there, followed by a trip to Paris.

I was in Torun, for a film festival. A beautiful town on the Vistula, full of gothic buildings.

The nights were usually damp and foggy, as autumn draws in. I was staying in a hotel that was previously an Austrian barracks.


The buildings are astonishingly well-preserved. Although there's a tradition of rebuilding/restoring that looks so intrusive, you sometimes wonder how much of the original patina is left.


Bottom of the bill is still... on the bill! Ha! The evening was a Q&A session that was so popular we had a stage invasion... this fella was high on vodka, so although impressive it wasn't qjuite as memorable as the time a woman on crack interrupted one of my talks in Detroit.


I had a wonderful guide who happened to be vegan. So most of the time we went to veggie curry restaurants etc. But the night after my talk I figured I needed some beer, from the local microbrewery. TO eat I went for what was the most traditional item on the menu - it seemed to be a limb from a small pig that was lopped off with a machete and cooked for 10 minutes or so before being slapped on my plate in a pile of horseradish and mustard. Hit the spot perfectly.




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The town hall and museum. It's  a fascinating town, in that it was a centre of protestantism, something I didn't know they had in 17th century Poland.


Again, lots of lovely tiny streets with spooky towers and turrets.


There's still a number of gnarly old buildings, that happily haven't been restored.


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Beautiful update. How are the jeans coming along? I didn't put my hand up as I'm not officially on the tour list but if the jeans are due another stop in Europe (well for now anyway) Essex boy here prepared to step up.

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Trying to distract myself on this grim day.

Paris was beautiful. I wrote a long blah which got lost... so here are some pretty pictures from the Musee des Arts et Metiers. A beautiful science museum (which airbrushes out the contributions of every other nation to the advancement of science.. a fascinating example of how the French hate the British).




A beautiful design for a lightweight car, and its inventor, Paul Arzens.



For hc, a denim update. The micro-wear is looking lovely, although there's no movement on whiskering etc. I feel this is denim that would really benefit from being worn in hard.


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I was put on the list as an alternate, if I remember correctly. It depends a little on current measurements, but if they're within reason I'd be very happy to join here in Norway.

Yep, we currently have you, Holio and Reverendglasseye on the bench. Guess we'll play through the initial line-up and then throw in subs along the way if we have any dropouts.

Edit: Yeah so Unders just relinquished his spot on the roster for Holio. 

Edited by Bobbo
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Two things: 


First, lovely updates Paul T! 


Second, as this is the "Taking Care of the World Tour", I want to personally extend my apologies to all humanity, as a sad American this dark day...

Ah... well we had it here with Brexit. Strangely I suspected there was a good chance it would happen in the US too. If you can present yourself as the agent of change, rather then the status quo, that tends to win an election. Yes, what happens next will be an interesting experiment.

Anyways, here's some happy stuff from the world meridian.





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great posts, and great fit on the 20's Paul!

I am starting to deal a bit with TCB to straighten out details of the forthcoming TCB 20's contest. It's gonna be fantastic.

the 20's contest pair will have quite a bit of extras compared to the standard issue. we're still thinking about the possible start date, whether june or september 2017. I really hope you'll be up for another round, so you can take the revenge this time hahaha!

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^So excited for this. Maybe I'm crazy but wearing my 50s everyday and washing almost weekly, they don't feel loose and at time a little slim; and i don't have big legs. So i'm probably crazy, but stoked for the 20s pair.

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loomstate? Natural indigo? with a cinch, natch? Hmmm.... would have to be September/the fall for me. Will probably take that long for me to find the $$$$.

(I'm only being nosy... not seriously pushing for natural indigo, as whatever the recipe I have found it incredibly hard to get a good fade).

Edited by Paul T
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Hope you folks are all well. Having some problems with that useless and outmoded site, photobucket today, otherwise I would've posted some photos. I'll try again tomorrow.


Who is next for the jeans? I will give them a handwash over the next couple of days I.'d definitely prefer to send them to the UK or Europe next, as we seem to ratcheting up costs for customs and transport recently!


Edit: there's definitely a problem with photobucket. I can log in, but not upload. Any other basic sites I can try instead? My previous alternative was imageshack but I think that's pay-for only now...

Edited by Paul T
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I've used Flickr for a while now. Free and pretty easy to use.

As for the next participant Spitfiredealer would be ideal as Holio Cornolio just kicked off the Big Bro Tour. I'll let you guys sort out the handling of addresses if that's fine with you two? 

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There is also Unders in the interest list and he's in UK. Although I'd love to see Mandel give the 20's a go. they'll be baggy on you but there's nothing wrong about wearing loose jeans!

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