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Roy Big Bro 2 - aka Roy World Tour Round 2


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Thanks again to everyone that expressed interest in a world tour, and to anyone else who might be interested, let me know! There's still room. These are a tag size 30, but fit like a 31 standard tapered in most brands.


Just mailed the jeans to Holio Cornholio in the UK. After him, it will either head to louisbosco in Australia or to the North America contingent. If anyone in Europe is interested, might be best to speak up quickly so the pair can stay in that hemisphere a little while longer.


Here is the original interest thread, including details on the fit plus some pictures, as well as links with details on the model and Roy's page about the denim.


Measurements at the start of the journey:

Roy BB1002, tag size 30

Waist: 31-31.5"

Thigh: 12"

Knee: 8.25"

Hem: 7.75"

Inseam: 33.75" (original)

Front rise: 11"

Back rise: 15-15.25"


Current participant list:

Holio Cornholio (UK)

cungster (Singapore)

louisbosco (I dunno, frankly, he seems to be everywhere - EDIT: Perth, apparently)

chicote (west Canada)

wolfofthesea (west Canada)

Hendsch (west US)

guthriegking (west US)

andrewrose (mountain US)

unorthodox (southeast US)

ReverendGlasseye (central US)

Mandel9000 (North of the Wall)

FeloniousMonk (NYC)

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Before sending them off, I took a few detail picture to show some of the things I love about Roy's construction. The first and fourth pictures below have the most accurate color for the denim, which is quite a dark grey-blue with plenty of weft peeking through.


The stitch count is very high along all the seams, incredibly straight and regular. The only other jeans I've seen with similarly high stitch counts throughout are Stevensons. Also, gotta love that patch.




He used cool rivets for this pair that I had not seen before - a dual-pronged copper rivet that punches through a plate on the exterior of the garment and then the prongs fold down completely flush, almost like a three-dimensional staple. The buttons aren't as unique, but match the unassuming aesthetic of the jeans well.





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The interior is where the construction really stands out. That seashell overlock stitch used on the fly panels and at the edges of the front pockets is just gorgeous! His chain-stitched signature in red thread also gets me every time.


The front pockets on this pair are primo. I wish every other jean manufacturer in the world made theirs the same way. The openings don't look especially large or cut very low, yet they are extremely easy to reach into and the pocket feels spacious enough that you could carry a whole litter of kittens without tying up your hands. The material is super heavy-duty as well, it almost feels heavier than the claimed 10 oz (pre-soak). I doubt they will be needing the usual 6-month repairs that all my other pocket bags seem to require.


Not quite sure why the front pockets are made from two panels of material, as you can see the triple-stitching holding the pieces together, but I'm sure there's some good reason.




Another close-up of the other pocket, showing the seashell overlock. Another interesting little detail is the watch pocket stitching, which has the little triangles of over-run stitching at each corner. Does anyone know why that is done on some seams? It caught my eye, and flipping through the other pairs in my closet, it looks like only Boncoura uses the same stitching pattern on their watch pocket.




Fully-lined back pockets, using the same heavy-duty twill as the front pocket bags.




And a shot of the super-fat raised belt loops, which are tucked into the waistband. The top of the back pockets is also very prominently raised, which should produce some interesting fades.




So those are the jeans! It will probably take about a week for them to get to the UK, since for all I know the US Postal Service sends all their economy international packages by clipper ship. Looking forward to seeing the places everyone takes them.

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i'm in australia!! on the west coast in perth. the most isolated city in the world  :D


shit. the rivets are fecking amazing. anyway, y'all can decide when it gets to me in australia. pretty much isolated from everyone else. whichever easiest for you guys. if this goes around you all for a few more months, it does give me the chance to finish up my DWC before hopping into this..

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This is so tempting. I am debating if I can make this work. Is it still too late to consider if I live in South East Asia?


Not too late at all! They may be a little loose fit, but that's hardly the end of the world. What sort of timing would work for you? In about 1-2 months, or in 7-8 months? If you can wait toward the end of the tour, it sounds like that will help louisbosco finish up his DWC competition.


It makes sense to send the jeans around all of the US and Canada participants in a row, as well as any in Europe in one go, since that cuts down on postage. But the order of sending them from Europe to Asia, Australia, or North America doesn't matter much (unless someone here knows which route might have lower mailing costs).

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i'm in australia!! on the west coast in perth. the most isolated city in the world  :D


Ah beautiful! Yeah, I looked through a couple of your old posts on the Denime tour and some others, and it seemed like you were in Singapore, then Japan, Perth, Thailand... So I just gave up.


Never been to Perth, but always wanted to check it out. I kind of picture it as high desert, but look forward to having my view corrected by your part of the tour!

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Ah beautiful! Yeah, I looked through a couple of your old posts on the Denime tour and some others, and it seemed like you were in Singapore, then Japan, Perth, Thailand... So I just gave up.


Never been to Perth, but always wanted to check it out. I kind of picture it as high desert, but look forward to having my view corrected by your part of the tour!



yeah most of the posted stuff occurs when i'm on holiday. when i'm out and about back in perth, i hardly snap anything much. but keen to show you guys some of it. you're definitely right with the desert for most parts of the state. but it's a nice little city. we're special like that. haha.

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Very cool! Glad to be a part of this- looking forward to them. Are we all going to do a month of wear or a longer period (1.5-2 mo) ?

Well, loose fit huh. Sign me up then haha. I don't mind either way but I suppose being at the end of the tour helps louisbosco so that's better, right? So, each participant holds on to the pair for how long?


Alright, I'm signing you up then, cungster!


We can target around 1.5 months per person, which should work out to a bit over a year with the current list of participants. There will definitely be a couple pauses along the way as the jeans will likely need some repairs, and I think it's up to everyone's schedule as to whether it makes more sense to wear them for a month or 6 weeks or a bit longer.


Jeans should be arriving at Holio's doorstep shorly, USPS tells me they arrived in London a few days ago and are still en route, but it's not that much further.

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Well, there's not much I can add to FM's detailed description of the construction of these but they really are super nice. I love the shell stich overlock on the fly and the details are fantastic. Raised belt loops, Chainstiched Roy sig, pocket bags etc, all lovely. But the deal sealer I think is the fabric. At the moment it's shedding indigo by the buttload, which fortunately I've found out only at the expense of some underpants and some blue legs. I have to say, I REALLY like the black seed denim. I reckon there's still a fair amount of shrink left in these jeans, but the colour is beautiful. It's not particularly slubby or textured, but there's a regularity and character that really defies my vocabulary. It's a little hairy, quite dense, but all the adjectives that I can think of to describe the denim make it sound very middle of the road. But it's not. It's.... well, it's beautiful.

First trip out for these jeans was to IKEA. Not very rock n roll, but, heck, it's all part of the tour right? I will spare yo pics of the inside of IKEA, or the knapskola assembly instructions, instead, here's some UK autumn colour, and it's been a beauty this year. A proper riot of colour.

My route to the office


just some leaves






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Thanks again for kicking off the tour in style, Holio! Envious of the lingering fall colors, all the trees have just given up the ghost around here in the past couple weeks, so now we're in that awkward dead month waiting for the first snow to make it pretty again.


The jeans are looking good, hope there are no more sacrifices to the indigo gods.


Is too late to join the tour? 


I've got you. Sorry I've been late on replying to the PM, but it was a crazy few days since getting back to work. I'll reach out this weekend.

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OK, well it transpired that yesterday I had to take my daughter into town to watch a show. I dodged a bullet and was spared the tedium of watching Les Mis, and instead spent a few hours walking around town. I used it as an opportunity to take some overfiltered crappy hipstapics of some obvious tourist landmarks.

I doubt I will keep up this regularity of posting, but while the iron is hot...


FWIW worth, the jeans stayed on my legs the whole time I was walkimg around. They did their job admirably, and they are comfortable and wonderful












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